Is Splatoon 2 Really a Sequel?

Since it was first announced Splatoon 2 has been criticized for appearing to be nothing more than a "Splatoon Deluxe."

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PhoenixUp2572d ago

It's funny how when footage of it was first shown people thought it was a port

porkChop2572d ago (Edited 2572d ago )

Yeah, it really doesn't look like a sequel. Most journos seem to agree that the game is fun, but seems more like a Deluxe edition or remaster. I thought it was a port myself.

-Foxtrot2572d ago

It's basically what Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is but they can't get away with two ports

Since Splatoon is new they could get away with calling it a sequel unlike Mario Kart where people expect a big jump for each new instalment

Highlife2571d ago (Edited 2571d ago )

Is Mario kart really a big jump from game to game? Almost everything in that game is recycled. Other games get murdered for that.

bluefox7552571d ago

@Highlife Nintendo seems to be held to a different standard than other companies for some reason.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory2571d ago (Edited 2571d ago )

Yes from Mario Kart Wii to 8 is a big jump
Even Mario Kart 64 to Double Dash and DS to Mario Kart 7

NotoriousWhiz2571d ago

@Highlife, Mario Kart games don't come out annually and you rarely see 2 on the same console.

TekoIie2571d ago


As was said above Mario Kart typically only has 1 release per console. I'm not sure what game series is analogous to Mario Kart to bring us to the conclusion that nintendo is getting a free pass on something.

Uken122571d ago

I played the Test Fire, the controls are better and the graphics are better to say the least. Maybe it will have a more fleshed out Single Player and more fleshed out multiplayer. Then I would consider a real sequel.

And to everyone who is complaining about it being a Deluxe Splatoon and acting like Nintendo is terrible, by your logic all COD, Ass Creeds and Battlefields are just "Deluxe" versions. But they aren't, so why do these rules only apply to a Nintendo shooter?

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_-EDMIX-_2571d ago (Edited 2571d ago )

You beat me to it lol

absolutely all of us we're listing it as that because what we really to do?

It made a lot of sense it kind of fell in line with rumors and what a lot of us thought they would be doing.

I'm not going to sit here and argue about the game being very much similar to the first game or more of the first game because I would actually say that's kind of what I want from Nintendo at this point.

One of the things I actually didn't care for Nintendo in the past 10 years or so is that they keep basically destroying series trying to reinvent something nobody asked them to do.

We've been hearing lots of Nintendo Gamers about this "quality over quantity" bs but the reality is when you look at Star Fox Zero how many crapy Star Fox did we go to just to land at one of the worst Star Fox games? This is one of those situations where I look back at Star Fox 64 and then just say maybe they were better off just releasing the same game with different levels because at least that would have been more enjoyable than the crap that we just had to spend the better part of almost 20 years of garbage.

Some games make sense to progressed and some games that are static makes sense to just focus on the Core Concepts.

Nintendo has lost an absolute ridiculous amount of market share and I believe mindshare from consumers that probably would have been opened purchasing games like Star Fox if they just have the damn dog inside of the plane flying straight with the occasional all range mode.

I was never asking for him to be outside of the ship I was never begging for motion controls or any of that crap so in my opinion they basically lost a potential Market of consumers that probably over the last 20 years would have had no problem just purchasing the same type of game.

So of course they didn't milk Star Fox 64 but let's be honest it's not as if they did miraculous things with that series over the last 20 years they've basically kept trying to change it and turned it into other crap to the point where I would have been completely happy if they just redid the same thing over and over.

I'm sorry folks but nothing is wrong with keeping a concept that way it is if it's not meant to be Progressive in the first place do you seriously think I'm crying over all the Mega Man games? I'd rather have a bunch of Mega Man games that are actually great games, then have Mega Man 1 and then spent 20 years with crappy and crappy titles that continuously move away from the core concept of the original.

So if they released several Splatoon games that only just add levels and different weapons and keep the same core mechanics trust me I'm all for it and I don't even play that series.

Believe me when I say this you don't want to be a star Fox fan Waiting for a Star Fox 64 types equal that clearly would have been easy as pie.

They wasted that opportunity chasing something that no one was asking for and it might have been one of the stupidest decisions I've seen a company make.

If people like flying straight and shooting stuff for god sakes continuously work on flying straight and shooting stuff they wasted an opportunity that I just don't believe other Publishers would have been messing with.

Leave it to Nintendo to ruin a series that had no place with Dinosaurs in crappy motion controls so I'm definitely for Splatoon to being like Splatoon one I don't want them doing any more of this stupid reinventing the wheel crap over again .

zuul90182571d ago

Dang sir, that was a long one.

TekoIie2571d ago


It's EDMIX. You expect it at this point.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory2571d ago (Edited 2571d ago )

come on like chill with these wall of text.
Aint nobody got time fo dat

DashMad2571d ago

People forget or just dumb enough to realize that splatoon is a shooter game. game on this genre have kept the same formula or just minor change example they all have the standard PvP mode which in case of splatoon is the turf war and kept the same mode that loved by fan over the year just look at every new COD release have zombie mode ever since the nazi zombies appeared on COD world at war.

seriously what do you think you want then ?? The inkling sudenly to become monster squid and shoot real bullet??

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pcz2571d ago

The game is a deluxe version of splatoon.

Nintendo are just trying to fool consumers by calling it a sequel

The switch already has a load of wiiu ports so Nintendo are trying to pass this splatoon off as a new game.

Pathetic really

Summons752571d ago

Only idiots thought it was a port. I knew it was a sequel with that second clip.

Monster_Tard2571d ago

Partly due to people like Laura Kate Dale and Emily Rogers who claimed they had inside information that said it was going to be a port.

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EddieNX 2572d ago

Yes, its an iterative sequel with all new levels, content and campaign. Its also portable and be played with LAN. Is Forza 6 a sequel to Forza 5?

PlayableGamez-2571d ago

People were contemplating if Forza 6 was a true sequel to. So you are not helping your case..

EddieNX 2571d ago

Except Forza 6 handles much better than Forza 5 and includes tons of new features, content , tracks ertc like Splatoon 2.

Splatoon 3 probably won't look much different to Splatoon 2. Just a sequel with new stuff. Did you expect Splatoon 2 to look like Uncharted 4 lol. Its a bunch of squids in some ink.

pcz2571d ago

People expect racing and sports titles to be updates.

But people expect other genres to give them a totally new experience with each sequel.

Even call of duty gives you a new game. Why would splatoon be any different.

Nintendo are known for reinvention, if they can reinvent Mario several times over for more than 30 years, why is splatoon an exception?

Nintendo are simply getting lazy and sloppy.

The 10th Rider2571d ago

Exactly. I don't get what people are expecting. Most shooters see new maps, new campaign, new customization options and weapons, and minor gameplay tweaks . . . All of which is what Splatoon 2 has. Most people who played Splatoon recognized it was most likely a sequel from the first short burst of footage we first saw. How many people saying it doesn't look like a sequel actually played the first game? From the outside looking in, many series look nearly identical between entries: Uncarted 2 and Uncharted 3, Forza (as you said), Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4, Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3, Bioshock 1 and Bioshock 2, Dark Souls 2 and Dark Souls 3 . . . The list could go on and on.

Prince_TFK2571d ago

Does it matter what they call it? Because they gonna charge it full price either way no matter if it has "deluxe" or "2" at the end.

For me I dont care what its called, as long as it good i will buy it.

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PapaBop2571d ago

Will it really matter? I imagine a good chunk of Switch owners never picked up a Wii U so it'll be their first experience with Splatoon and one they'll likely enjoy.