LBP Beta EU Emails Sent Out

LBP Beta code were just sent out to playstation beta testers around 10 min ago.


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RevN8r3710d ago

Check your e-mail! I didn't get one, and unfortunately these ones seem to be tied to the PSN account, so the people who got in with the Eurogamer fiasco and also got one via this e-mail will have one sitting around that no one can use. Sucks, but apparently that's the way it is.

cwir3710d ago

Yup these are tied to PSN account and only recipients are allowed to use them. And as far as I know, only Beta Trial members got it so if you're not a member don't bother checking your email. But there will be more codes soon 100%.

As for people having unused codes sitting around, majority of Beta members who managed to get their code from Eurogamer yesterday said that they won't use it in case they get another one from Sony today and now they're giving them away to their friends.

I only got one and will use it in 2 hours :P

PS: I'd watch US PS boards if I'd want to get one today. There was a rumor that IGN will have some so have accounts ready :)

Ryangp3710d ago

i was on for 4 hours and didnt get one ! this is bollox

thor3710d ago

OMG if anyone has a spare code I am dying to play because I won't get to play until december otherwise :(

My little sister wants to play this game more than I do, she's like "when's it coming out", "october", "you said september", unfortunate it was delayed...

fafoon3710d ago

Were is my FUC*IN $£%$* @:(*$£!! %**:@@%^ @&$ TW*TING E Mail

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The story is too old to be commented.