Neil Thomson Interview

This morning managed to collar Neil Thomson, head of Xbox UK, to interogate him on the next-gen console war, British gamers' habits and the rumoured Xbox handheld.

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Anerythristic265951d ago


Q What are your hopes for the HD-DVD drive?

A Some people will definitely want it, but I don’t think it’ll be a massive product because of the [next-gen disc] format wars between HD-DVD and Blu-Ray. One thing I can guarantee is the combined cost of an Xbox 360 and HD-DVD won’t be more than the PS3’s £425. For their next console, Sony is basically selling a Blu-Ray player, not a PS3.

Guess they were rong on that price point. Sonyfanboys unite!

PS360PCROCKS5951d ago

yay for cheaper than the PS3, take that ps3 nut sacks

OutLaw5951d ago

It's funny how he throws in GTA to bother Sony.

PS360PCROCKS5951d ago

yeah it is...but that's a big series to make non exclusive, it, like halo can sell consoles