5 of the best Golf games on Xbox One

Neil writes "Love it or hate it, you can’t ignore the fact that the wonderful world of golf is enjoyed by many. When the weather is cold and miserable though, or you just can’t get out of bed to make that stupidly early tee time, the draw of the Xbox One sitting under your television is perhaps just too much to ignore.

But that’s not to say you can’t still get your golfing fix as there are now a number of well rounded golfing titles available on our favourite games console.

So don your long socks, get your spikes on and prepare to settle down as we drive you through 5 of the best golfing titles on Xbox One. It’s not always a good walk ruined you know."

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SlyBoogie19932070d ago

Only played Powerstar Golf and Rory Mcllroy but I really want to check out Dangerous Golf

cfc832070d ago

Played the golf club and rory. The other comical type golf games aren't my thing.

2069d ago
Nintendo-or-Nothing2069d ago

A good golf game is a must for every system. I remember golf on the 3DO and on the 32x. After that it seems that it turned into a cartoon and not a big fan of tiger woods. Wii U golf is great but with terrable graphics.