Microsoft Nabs Tenchu Z

Microsoft officially told IGN today it will publish Tenchu on Xbox 360 in North America this year. Dubbed Tenchu Z, Microsoft's stealth action game will give gamers bloody ninja fights, old Japanese rooftops to wander on, and special magical items to imbibe when in trouble.

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InMyOpinion5231d ago

This game makes you feel ashamed that you own a xbox 360 lol! Tenchu has'nt evolved since the first version for ps1 was released.

hardwood20015231d ago

wasn't this game trash, period???

Norad65231d ago

the Playstation can keep this game. I don't want this unevolving fanchise on my system. I played a Japanese Tenchu Demo on my 360 and it was awful. I hope it released only in Japan because nobody in the States will buy it.

Texas GMR5231d ago

This looks like a bad last-gen game. I'll pass.

candystop5231d ago

Isn't this the same downloadable game from Xboxlive market place back during e3 or something like that? If so I was not to impressed with it and hope they do a do over like Gabe said about PS3!

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The story is too old to be commented.