Mass Effect Interview

If you're an Xbox owner and an RPG fan, then you know BioWare. The studio is only responsible for Knights of the Old Republic and Jade Empire, after all. But now BioWare is moving into the next generation of consoles with Mass Effect and the expectations are high. The sci-fi themed RPG is one of Microsoft's major players for 2007, with an army of fans drooling over the few movies, screens, and bits of information that have been released.

BioWare's Casey Hudson, Project Director for Mass Effect, was kind enough to take a break from working to shed some light on what we can expect out of the title when it arrives on store shelves later this year. Read on to learn about the inspiration for the game, details on how BioWare has moved videogame morality beyond simple good and evil, info on character creation and combat, and much more.

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Jak4ever5425d ago

This game is going to be talked about Along with GOW and Halo. The Emotional Adaptability and Consequence of your choices is Groundbreaking. The Star-Wars/Star-Trek Planetary Voyages are a Dream.

Im Losing my mind waiting for this game.

Maldread5425d ago

This seems like one of the big hitters in 2007 if you ask me. Great that they`re expanding on the rgp-genre with some more varriation and a more open and non-linear world(s).

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL5425d ago

is going to be the BEST role playing game EVER, so much so that even die-hard Sony fans will purchase a 360 just to play it! AWESOME ; ] >

Silver3605425d ago

Once you play this game you will be a 360 fan. This game will be cutting edge on immersive gameplay. Bioware has yet to disappoint me. When it comes to roleplaying games they just get it more than any other company. The western version of square/enix.

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL5424d ago

an oxymoron, hence the picture of Master Chief.

gogators5425d ago

still would like to some form of online co-operative with this game having scuh a huge scope. A KOTOR style game with multi-player group would be very fun. Maybe if Mass Effect has great success, which I think it has the potential to be, they will look at an MMO style version. To bad there hasn't been anymore news on Shadowrun.

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The story is too old to be commented.