The Last Remnant Battle System Explained

The Last Remnant is going to be released very soon (56 days, to be exact) for the Xbox 360, and Square Enix has finally decided it's time for us to know how the game is actually played. The company has released 70 screenshots, a lot of artwork and a short description of how the battle system works.

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wollie3676d ago

Games sounds sweet

but those command lines sound gay as hell...

"Time to get physical!
Time to get mystical!
Tear them to shreds!"


cahill3676d ago

no offense to xbox/ps3 owners but i think LR will bomb just like Infinite Undiscovery

leyego3676d ago (Edited 3676d ago )

not sure if it will bomb, but i agree with the graphics they kinda suck. is it just me or do the char models look polygonish?

solidt123676d ago

Time to announce the PS3 version release date.

bushfan3676d ago

sounds like bahamut lagoon....i guess..

badz1493676d ago (Edited 3676d ago )

bomb?! you do know that IU almost made 360 outsold the WII in JAPAN in its release week, right? how's that a bomb? I know that the reviews are not high but M$ intention of having all these exclusive JRPG is to make an impact in Japanese market (mind you, not western market) and they are somehow succeeded a little bit. they don't care about reviews from any non-japanese speaking sites, they just want to sell 360 in Japan and JRPG is among the few factors that help console sale over there! this is a clear point already with the release of LO, BD, ToV and IU. at this point, Last Remnant will pretty much do the same for them and thi time, we can expect 360 to outsell the Wii the week this one being released! mind you, this is a Square Enix game!

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kewlkat0073676d ago (Edited 3676d ago )


hmmm the characters and the clothing reminds me of IU.

cahill3676d ago

especially after seeing the reviews?
I hope LR does good though

kewlkat0073676d ago

JRPG's and Infinite Undiscovery is far from totally crappy like the reviews made it out to be.

I don't only play 90+ titles within my Genre, since there will be few in between. Unless it has final Fantasy in the name obviously.

I play 70+ in my Genre depending on the cash flow and some other factors. In other Genres I'm a little bit more strict.

3676d ago
TheColbertinator3676d ago

Its just interesting.About a year ago,PS3 owners had believed that Star Ocean 4,Final Fantasy XIII,Final Fantasy Versus XIII,and White Knight Chronicles would be exclusive to PS3 by 2008.While the only RPGs the 360 were gonna have were The Last Remnant(multi),Infinite Undiscovery,and Cry On.Then just a few months into 2008,Star Ocean 4 is announced for 360 only,The Last Remnant is delayed for PS3 to 2009,Final Fantasy XIII is announced for 360 as well,Final Fantasy Versus XIII is pushed back to maybe 2010,and WKC is also pushed into 2009.

This console war is interesting and history repeats itself.

Like when Street Fighter 2 was announced for Sega Genesis even though it was exclusive to SNES.Or like when Final Fantasy VII was announced exclusively for PS1 instead of the N64 and when Resident Evil 4 was announced for PS2 a few days before launching on the Gamecube.

Mwaan3676d ago

Are companies still having problems with the PS3 hardware? Maybe the PS3 version of The Last Remnant was lagging behind so Square Enix decided to call up Microsoft and offer them an exclusive deal so they could get the game out on time, make some extra cash, and release an enhanced PS3 version later on down the road. I know people think Microsoft threw a bunch of money at Square Enix for their support, but if that were the case, why isn't Final Fantasy 13 coming out in Japan for 360? That's where it would help them the most.

heyheyhey3676d ago

it's true Steven, it's a pretty unexpected turnout

but im sure Sony can turn things around still with Level-5

Square Enix really betrayed me a Playstation gamer- not because of the FF13 thing, i don't particularly mind that one, but we don't get to play two of their big games in 2008 while Xbox users do??? that sucks, now i know what it felt like to be a Nintendo fan in the 90's

still, the future looks bright- WKS, Valkyria Chronicles, Last Remnant next year

a little patience paid off in 2007 when Sony started to turn things around rapidly in 2008 and im sure a little patience now in terms of RPG's will pay off in 2009 and beyond

pwnsause3676d ago (Edited 3676d ago )

its not hardware, its Money. FF XIII is an example of money being thrown around.

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leyego3676d ago

don't be a douche
its square they will figure out a way to fit it all.

ProfessionalTroll3676d ago

Sounds like its going to flop on the xbox 360

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