Dear Gamers, What Could EA Do To Make Madden Great Again?

SlapStic continues its "IP Revival Letters Project" with the second game, Madden. In this article, a few ideas are presented up front on how to completely refresh the Madden franchise, and then readers are asked to submit all of their own good ideas via the comment box. The best ideas will be sent to EA in the form of a letter.

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hombrehambre3768d ago

I think they just need to go full blown simulator, or at least offer a real simulator mode...

RKRigney3768d ago

They definitely need to leave in the "arcadey" mode from past games if they do decide to go the simulator route. Something tells me that the game would be less fun if it were any more realistic...

hombrehambre3768d ago

Yeah I suppose if they changed the entire game into a sim that it would lose almost all of its fanbase...

hombrehambre3768d ago

I really just hate EA. They're pretty much a monopoly.

tinydancer3768d ago

Give me a break. What are they monopolizing, entertainment? That's just stupid.

shadowghost7523768d ago

So according to your logic you will hate Microsoft because they have a monopoly on the software market, am i right?

RKRigney3768d ago

Ha I don't know about THAT, Shadowghost. They're SORT of a monopoly in the OS market but there's no way that any one company could be a monopoly in the software market. That'd be ridiculous. They'd have to own the entire internet.

tinydancer3768d ago

Haha Bret Favre... what a terrible pick for the cover.

RKRigney3768d ago

Yeah he sort of ruined his legacy, imo...

Wildarmsjecht3768d ago

What they could do is stop buying the license from the NFL and maybe give it to a developer who will do more than change the number every year they release a new one.

RKRigney3768d ago

How would that be a good business decision for them?

Hercules3768d ago

geez...give them a break...have you even spent a day or two on madden 09? its like playing madden 05 again....this year is more realistic than ever...and EA released two patches..meaning they are making the game better...and farve was a great choice..until he decided to come back in lol...but play the game...its like watching tv...well if you have hdtv with hd cables on ps3/360

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