CD Projekt Announces That The Witcher Games Sold Over 25M; Gwent Launching in H2 2017

CD Projekt announced today to have sold over 25M units of The Witcher games at the end of 2016. They also announced Gwent's release window.

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Festano568d ago

Excellent, with all this revenue they can make Cyberpunk even better!

KaiPow568d ago

I'm hoping it'll be playable before the PS5 comes out!

Grap568d ago

well deserved,
i think now witcher 3 sold 15 milion?

_-EDMIX-_568d ago

I'm also curious about what it's numbers are.

ccgr568d ago

Great game that deserved its success

_-EDMIX-_568d ago

I really want a remake or even a console remaster of the first Witcher.

They could get a team like bluepoint games but I believe that would be a very difficult endeavor.

You're not even talking about a simple transfer job you're talking about a lot of controls that are being reworked and changed. I actually really like the point and click gameplay of the first Witcher More Than The Witcher 3.

Paytaa567d ago

I remember CDPR was supposed to remaster TW1 for the 360/PS3 titled The Witcher: Rise of the White Wolf, but due to lack of funding and issues with the distribution partner, it got canceled.

It was supposed to have reworked gameplay and graphics since the original game is very dated and was made with a very tight budget.

Hopefully with their new found success they can revisit that endeavor since I want more people to experience the series as a whole and not only The Witcher 3, even if it's head and shoulders above it's predecessors.

Plus the model for Geralt in TW1 looks so goofy now compared to his Witcher 3 look. It looks hilarious.

_-EDMIX-_567d ago

I remember that lol

I think if they could get a good transition team they could probably make that happen but it would probably cost more money than the average port.

I want more people to experience that game only because I actually believed after playing the second and third game that their first Witcher is actually Superior to both of them.

The Witcher 2 and 3 just removed so many features that make it such a great RPG.

Don't get me started on regenerating potions and meditation.

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