Pure Motorstorm Fuel: Off-Road Racing Comes in Threes

From PS3 Attitude, Phreaky writes: "In the early PS3 days Motorstorm languished in an unchallenged pole position on the console. With some of the most dazzling graphics to be found anywhere in the current generation of consoles, it earned a deserved following of fans.

Whilst the success of Motorstorm was still shining, a couple of developers were squirreling away on new IPs, namely Pure (from Black Rock Studios) and Fuel (from Asobo Studios)."

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Montrealien3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

what a lot of people don't realize is that Pure is made by the same guys that have done Atv off road fury 3-4 and all the PsP atv off road fury games for Sony. I may be wrong here but I would think that Sony made a choice between making a next gen ATV off road fury game, or do Motorstorm. We all know what they chose, but the CLimax guys went on with what they where working on and was able to get it financed and published by Disney, so in the end, Pure is the spiritual successor to the ATV off Road Fury games, but now can be enjoy by more people.

either way, Pure is a great Stunt racer in the same vain as the ATV off road Fury games. Motorstorm is crazy carnage racing and the second one looks to improve on the original's winning fomula, but the Jury is still out for Fuel, but it does look promising. I think they are all fairly different kinds of racers.

DolphGB3675d ago

I think each title has its own place in the market. Pure reminds me of those old PC Motorcross Madness games I used to play, and Fuel promises much in terms of 'open world' driving.

I remember Car & Driver back in 1992 offered Fuel's brand of 'drive where you like' experience, but the technology never really delivered on the promise. Now that the PS3 is around, who knows what Asobo and Codemasters will manage...

Motorstorm still rocks my world, and MSPR can do no wrong in my eyes...