6 Great 3DS Games That Could Reach Their Full Potential on the Switch

About time to SWITCH these games up.

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dannyphenton1272d ago

POkemon on the Switch would be phenomenal. Plz nintendo

IAmLoki1272d ago

The legendary Switch will be the next home of Pokemon. The 8th gen games will make sun and moon look like red and blue by comparison. Nintendo Switch is enjoying massive worldwide success it prints money for Nintendo. Wii U worries be gone. Nintendo going third party worries be gone. Nintendo doomed be gone. Welcome to the brand new era of Nintendomination.

Vegamyster1271d ago

Kid Icarus Uprising was a gem, only problem with the game was the lack of a right thumb stick.

greysun1231271d ago

That's why putting it on the Switch would make it easier to play