The Gamesman Online - Kiwi owned or not? Their response

Ahmad writes:

"There has been an active discussion today in our forums about the state of play when it comes to The Gamesman Online. While we all know by now that the Gamesman retail stores have been taken over by the EB Games/Gamestop empire, it was not so clear whether the online store had remained its own separate entity, and whether or not it was under New Zealand ownership."

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Silogon3678d ago

That's so lame, I had that same controller in the pic there. hajahahahaa, that thing is a piece of junk. It has these giant shoulder buttons that take up the much needed space for them to add 2 more. instead of having 2 on each side, they have 1 and it's so lame.

anyways, I don't even know what this thread's about. I just saw the absurd controller and had to comment.