New Final Fantasy XIII and Versus Details!

New details about Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy XIII Versus have been released from Japanese magazines Dengeki and Famitsu.

Along with the recent news of a playable demo potentially appearing at E3, here are the magazine's other exciting tid-bits.

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CAPS LOCK5224d ago

what is the difference between the two games?

Raist5224d ago

They have almost nothing in common. Just the overall universe and crystals stuff.

NoUseMerc5224d ago

The difference between the two games...well, in one you play as a female heroine and in Versus you play as a Red-eyed dude.

Also the worlds are opposite, I think Lightning (FFXIII) comes from the City of Cacoon and the Verus guy lives amongst the outworld called Pulse.

Kees5223d ago

I can't wait for these 2 titles! Just for one of these 2 titles I would buy a 600$ PS3!

Hey Zeus5223d ago

These games rocks, they capitilise on what other games don't and would appear can't do, which is story.