Polygon - Persona 5 review

Polygon: "Persona 5 is a long, loitering tale of disaffected youth desperate for a shift in the status quo — in short, the most millennial game that I’ve ever played."

dirkdady2634d ago (Edited 2634d ago )

Wow polygon caving..
seriously the onslaught of great AAA games are mind boggling this year already.

Kudos to the devs but the real story here is how Sony is playing the long game. Series like Yakuza or persona were always decently reviewed but sales have been low. You have to give it to Sony for keeping their partnership intact to see the latest iterations of these franchises reach this pinnacle and exposure.

Relientk772634d ago

Damn this game even got Polygon giving great scores

chrisx2634d ago

Yea it must really pain polygon to be giving these Ps exclusives such high scores

gangsta_red2634d ago

Must not be that painful considering they have been doing it for the past few years.

Kribwalker2634d ago

Yep, cashing those checks is so difficult

overrated442634d ago

Haha @Kribwalker yup, the game is sitting at a 94 on Metacritic but THIS review this particular review is paid for. Just because you can't afford something doesn't mean that it's bad, it just means either you can't afford it or your parents simply won't buy it for you. You'll get a big boy job eventually, just keep working at it little guy.

Blastoise2634d ago

Cry more Kribwalker.


Kribwalker2634d ago

Maybe all of the reviews were paid for like the Zelda ones apparently were too?

Razzer2634d ago (Edited 2634d ago )


Why the hell are you bringing what folks said about Zelda reviews into a Persona 5 discussion?

Oh....that's right. You're nothing but a pathetic troll. That's why. Funny how you hate the folks who said shit about Zelda so much that you decided to be just like them.

overrated442634d ago

@Kribwalker I left this same message on another comment section but I'll leave it here as well. You seem to have some sort of vendetta against Persona 5, I'd like to know why that is. Please leave a comment or DM me, I'm genuinely curious.

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Veneno2634d ago

Polygon Are big duchess but for some reason that millenial remark has me intrigued.

SaveFerris2634d ago


Sarah - whose was believed to weigh 16 stone (224lbs) at her heaviest, said: 'No longer am I the Duchess of Pork ... or fat frumpy Fergie... It broke my heart.'

2634d ago
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shinoff2183178d ago

Sea of stars while seeming pretty good so far doesn't belong in the top rpg discussion. There's way better ones. I'd tell them to play star ocean 2. One of the best non turn based rpgs ever. It has everything.

raWfodog178d ago

And if the list is limited to just turn-based RPGs, I can think of better ones to add to this list. You have the Dragon Quest series, the Trails series…Persona 5 Royale is on the list but why limit it to just that one? P3 and P4 were great as well.

Zenzuu178d ago (Edited 178d ago )

The Legend of Dragoon, Legend of Legaia, or the Shadow Hearts games has decent enjoyable turn based combat system.