TIGA, Brexit, Article 50 and the Future of the UK Games Industry

TIGA, the network for games developers and digital publishers and the trade association representing the UK video games industry, published the following statement in the light of the UK’s decision to initiate Article 50 of the Treaty of the European Union and begin the process of leaving the EU.

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annoyedgamer571d ago

After seeing what happened to Greece, the UK is better off now.

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S2Killinit571d ago

is that why their economy is tanking?

utosser570d ago

the economy is tanking it always has every year and it will bounce back
nothing new in that. recession happen once a year or two

we simply do not need the EU to survive
we can do it our-self

bluefox755571d ago

Brexit is the result of the elites ignoring the concerns of the working class in favor of mass, unfettered immigration.

S2Killinit571d ago (Edited 571d ago )

I love how the immigrants left with the capital & talent they brought into UK's economy. Now they are sitting on their island scratching their heads thinking what the heck happened to their economy. Its going down the tubes it seems. Its so bad that there is calls for a second vote because some voters have just realized what they've done. Scotland and Ireland are pondering to secede from the United Kingdom. Serves them right. I hope they pay for trying to blame their economic problems on the minorities and immigrants. As if the UK never benefited from the immigrants and it was all one way, right.

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jaredite83571d ago

British economy is doing better already you retard. It didn't take long before recoveryu from the fear campaign from remoaners started. There was no desire for another vote except from remoaners. All those petitions and signatures were bots, most ip's took investigators to places like Kazakhstan and elsewhere in the world so no, millions of brexit voters didn't change their mind and no, millions of jobs have not been moved abroad nor has that much money been taken out, Some odd thousand bank jobs have been threatened to be moved out but who gives a shit about them, they don't create real wealth. UK benefitted from immigrants but not from illegal immigrants and that is the issue here, illegal, do you need me to spell it again with capitals? ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT is not same as immigrant. Illegal immigrants have not benefitted UK and most of them seem to be muslims who have the hardest time from all immigrants to integrate into the host society and they have the overwhelming unemplyment records from all foreigners. So islamic immigration mostly has not benefitted them so there is no need for them to keep their door open for more potential isis members and more welfare recipients to enter to live on the tax payers back.

S2Killinit571d ago (Edited 571d ago )

yeah, the refugees. Lets all shut ourselves in when people need help, that will be a great long term strategy. You say that as if those refugees will always be a burden. I assure you, a country that takes in refugees, wins in the long term. There is nothing better for a country's reputation, and future economic growth, than to help others when you can. If you look at history, (at least with two empires I've read about) there is a correlation between their toleration of others at any particular point in their history, and how strong they were as a nation. I don't know if one comes before the other or vice versa, but if the level of toleration of others is an indication of the strength of UK, then we know where they are headed at this point in their history.

Its funny how in the U.S. the middle class and the working class were screwed over by big bankers, then somehow those same big bankers convinced the fickle working class that it was the IMMIGRANTS and MINORITIES that are sticking it to them, and not the big business people. They elected a big wig into office, and now they are loosing their healthcare. Brilliant.

S2Killinit571d ago (Edited 571d ago )

First sign of someone who doesn't have much to back up their words, is resorting to name calling.
As for doing better economically, I guess you should talk to Scotland, last I heard they are taking a vote to secede from U.K. ? I guess they don't believe it will be in their economic wellbeing to follow you into isolation.

If the muslims in UK have not integrated, the fault lies with the UK. If you keep marginalizing minorities, as the UK has done such a wonderful job of, guess what, they won't integrate. You can't force people to integrate into your society. They have to feel like they are treated as equals. The premise of your whole argument is that muslims are somehow different from EVERY other person on the globe. Somehow, these muslim humans are different from normal humans. And yet, you don't have to look far into history to see the same arguments made about many other minorities in history. But some people are blind to history and they are bound to repeat the same mistakes over and over and over again.

Guess what, if you treat one group of minorities unfairly, even "illegals" (as you would like to distinguish), the rest of them will also feel unwelcome in your society. You know why? because today it will be muslims, tomorrow its jews, then its blacks, then its you. You don't stand up for treating one member of your society (even an illegal one) fairly, and they won't stand with you when YOU are treated unfairly.

For now, keep blaming your woes on muslims, kick them all out, lets see what happens when your economy goes to shit a second round, I wonder if your family will be among the blamed next time.

bluefox755571d ago

Yeah? Even when the result is literal "Police No-Go Zones"? But hey, it's only the poor that have to worry about that, Out of sight, out of mind for the wealthy.

bloop570d ago

SK2Killinit, Ireland is not part of the UK. We didn't have a war of independence for nothing.

S2Killinit570d ago (Edited 570d ago )

lol sorry. I thought you guys (Northern Ireland?) recently had a whole thing with deciding to stay with the UK prior to the briexit thing. My bad.

thats the whole point, if the UK had treated these people with dignity, as equals, and made them feel welcomed and appreciated, maybe they wouldn't have had these "police no go zones". The people in those areas shouldn't be viewed as "bad people" they are victims of a society that doesn't want them. If UK wants to fix it, they should take measures to fix the "no go zones". Instead of pointing the finger and saying "look how they live, they are terrible". Look at the no-go-zones and say "we got to fix that". That is of course, if you cared enough to do that.
And you are right, the wealthy won't care because it doesn't effect them. They live in their secluded, gated communities. While the gap between the rich and the poor increases, the poor are left pointing the finger at each other. That's exactly what I'm saying.

Ashunderfire86570d ago (Edited 570d ago )

Unfortunately they will never learn, and they will always need outside help to boost the economy, America back in the 60s realize that with integration! MLK's Montgomery boycott, shows that many white businesses need other people of color to buy from them to keep them in business. What they will never tell you in the American history books that the white only economy wasn't enough for the entire American economy to maintain. They would of been in another great depression, so this whole segregation/racist thing from the rest of society doesn't work! All those minorities from third world countries have to do is cut the resources away from Britain, and they will have nothing! Europe itself is far from being the richest continent in resources compared to Asia and Africa that has the most resources the entire world needs! If it wasn't for Africa's resources we won't have Iphones, PS4s, Xbox Ones and etc! Why do you think European countries like France still needs Africa? Because they damn well know that they will be a third world country without it. Even AmeriKKa needs Africa! President Tangerine Twitter Troll on this white nationalism is not going to work for America in the long run. So Amerixit is not going to help. Backing away from the UN is not going to help, deporting immigrants and banning 9 countries from entering is not going to help! Speaking of undocumented immigrants there are also thousands of white undocumented immigrants living in America, so what is President Tangerine going to do about that huh? Some of these undocumented are Irish, Canadian, among others.

ShaunCameron570d ago (Edited 570d ago )

@ Ashunderfire86

Actually, if it wasn't for Europe, Africa wouldn't have any idea it even have resources to exploit. Most of Africa's current problems are due to the Marxist political/economic model it chose to adopt in its wholesale rejection of any and everything Western post-independence though it got the infrastructure and development it sorely needed. It's hard to be a prosperous society when the talent pool all but entirely consist of people too illiterate and under-skilled to do anything beyond menial level, because the best and brightest are either dead or they fled.

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Ashunderfire86570d ago


You are so wrong, especially when African built civilization like the Nile Valley when other people above were in caves, hunting and gathering. Africans we're fully aware of their own resources and the value of it. Africans had palaces, Castles, and many advance structures War hunger Europeans ransack from existence. Africans were the Moors that gave Europeans knowledge of science, math, astrology, and so many things even stuff that lead them into Freemasonry with ideas from the Egyptians mysterious schools. They got Europeans out of the dark ages, until Spain overthrow them. Research "Moses defeated the Moors" an you will see pictures of black people fighting white people over Europe. All this is documented.

The Moors last stand was to cut off resources from Europe, which turn Europe back into the dark ages, but they found away around this, and the only way they defeated the Moors and rest of Africans was guns! Then the Vatican allow the Europeans from the Papa BullDum Diversas or the Manfest Destiny, to enslave people and takeover lands. Many of these Africans they put into slavery was not some dumb people like the Eurocentric say. These known many things like how to do Whiskey, do rice, and a great number of things. Even inventors like Thomas Edison's used a formal slave name Luis Latimer to help him build the light bulb 💡 Luis Latimer did the blueprint and basically did most of the work even to make the light bulb last long, but Edison too all the credit. Thomas Edison was also sued by another black inventor for stealing ideas.

I can go on an on a tell you how Africans help Europeans and Americans throughout history! We as Africans were not dumb people... We came from greatest!

Kabaneri571d ago

Hopefully France is next, go Marine Le Pen!

Amorist89571d ago

We (UK) have the opportunity to make the most out of this and motivate Codemasters to churn out an actual decent game that doesn't happen very bloody often!

utosser570d ago

The EU is nothing then a piece of shi* trying to control everyone life and there policy
look what happen with Greece total destroy.
that is what the EU wants to have the ultimate powers control everything and that is also your immigration letting in scum bags open gates.

if Brittan stayed in the EU the country would had been ruined and destroyed

no British laws all be gone
taxes would go up more
immigration open doors
no British courts
the army unarmed which the Eu wanted to do.

time for other countries to follow

the uk is only going to get better and closing it doors at the so call illegal immigrates

you can see what happen in europe now and that is the illegal immigrates doing all this
raping, killing,
i would bring hanging back in france.