4 Hours With Sackboy

TheSixthAxis: "Slick isn't the word for the interface, it's as intuitive as anything we've seen before, each button sticks to its single use, there's always on-screen prompts and everything is explained to you slowly for the first time. Sure, it'll take you a good hour to get through the Create tutorial but there's so much in there that the manual alone wouldn't be enough. The first few Play levels are voiced over too, but the game gradually eases you into each new concept and before long you're dashing around the Pod, decorating the walls, exploring new levels, seeing how your friends are getting on and forming ideas for Create, usually all at the same time."

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Fishy Fingers3702d ago (Edited 3702d ago )

My GOTY no doubt about it. Doesn't offer the emotional ride of MGS or the pure violent allure of Gears. But LBP is universal and after just a few hours I'm hooked.

I could honestly write for hours about how "this" is amazing or "that" blow my mind, but I wont waste your time with my waffling, just try it yourself. It is truly glorious.

Be warned though, it may effect your mental state, my mind is constantly running at max with ideas I can create, sleeping may become difficult in future.

:) <--- Thats what I look like when playing LBP.

BulletToothtony3702d ago (Edited 3702d ago )

i didn't get it at first.. lbp looked ok, but all of the sudden the lights just turned on and i really, really fell in love with the idea and after watching many videos i felt something that i had not felt since the first time i played mario bros.

One of the most exciting things is that after i'm done with the game, each week there will be FREE dlc waiting for me.

Definitely brings that replay value really up there..

I'm gonna be a helghast sack boy!!!

RareNimbus3702d ago

cant wait to try out this awesome game...

Mr_Bun3702d ago (Edited 3702d ago )

I have been playing the beta all night and I almost had to call in sick today...not because I was still playing it @ 5:30 in the am, but because I couldn't sleep due to all of the ideas running through my head. Even now as I sit at work, all I can do is think about potential levels and how make current ones better!

I don't know if or when I will sleep again.

Fishy Fingers3702d ago

Ha, dude I know the feeling. I think I'm gonna have to start carrying a pad and pen around with me. I keep forgetting all my previous ideas >_<

Jamie Foxx3702d ago (Edited 3702d ago )

tried and tried for hours to get a beta key but couldnt and now we sit here not being able to share your joy or truly appreciate the emotions your feeling when playing with your 'sackboy'

thor3702d ago

It's like he's taunting me.



Mr_Bun3702d ago

If it makes you feel any better, the beta suc...I can't even bring myself to form such a lie...sorry!

Jamie Foxx3702d ago

you win some you lose some,just means ill be a novice at creating when i get the game and you'l be on amateur level

ps.....get some sleep

Mr_Bun3702d ago

Don't worry, the word is that there will be plenty of other beta keys to get your hands on and hopefully they won't be as difficult to get.

Ben10543702d ago

planet menu from family guy

chaosatom3702d ago

I can't wait to go home and play it more.

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Silogon3702d ago

We all, as gamers, can only hope this is as big as Sony and everyone else seems to be hyping it up to be. I mean, it's only good for the industry as a whole, but I don't see this game being near as big as you all are saying.

GOTY and 2 million sold in 1 month?? Please, guys. Please. I see maybe a runner up to 3rd place for GOTY and 300 to 400,00 units sold its 1st month.

Fishy Fingers3702d ago (Edited 3702d ago )

The hype is justified, I'm in the beta and that alone is better than what I ever expected.

Seriously if this game gets beaten by some macho shooter that offers the industry nothing other than nice textures I'll be shocked. GOTY awards luckily arent voted for by adrenaline charged teenagers so maybe LBP will get the props it so rightly deserves.

Oh and it's won pretty much every game of show award against the competition releasing around the same time.

Sales, well that's not my thing, I dont care less about them, as long a my friends and I have a copy and there are people creating good online levels I happy.

1 million or 10 million, doesnt effect what you get in the case.

Mr_Bun3702d ago

Hard to say it will please everybody as it is hard to put your finger on exactly why this game is sooo amazing, but this game is hard to get out of your head once you have tried the beta!

Freezingduck3702d ago

And another one on my ignore list.

Welcome, hope you have one bubble asap

TheMART3702d ago

Well I don't agree with siligon but hey he's maybe right on the sales numbers... Because

God of War II was one of the best looking and playing PS2 games. With 120 mln. units out there to play the game only a couple of million of the game sold.

What's that? Do Playstation owners buy games at all? Gears of War 1 sold what 5 million on 10 to 11 mln. users in just a few months time.

LBP looks fun, I hope it sells megatons, but I am curious to see how PS fans buy.

thereapersson3702d ago (Edited 3702d ago )

However, the problem with comparing the sales of Gears with the relative install base of the 360 itself, to the sales of a game like God of War II (or most other major PS2 titles) with the relative install base of the PS2, is that the numbers are a lot more spread out. That doesn't even begin to take into consideration the fact that many people have bought more than one PS2 in the system's lifetime, which brings up a whole different variable to the comparison. Besisdes, how long do you think the legs of a game like Gears of War are in terms of sales, when compared to a single player AAA action series such as God of War?

I'm pretty sure that games like Gears of War and Halo are marketed more towards the hardcore crowd, and it definitely shows in how many different areas (sales-wise) the titles have reached. I think that a lot of people who buy the PS2 aren't into games like God of War, especially because the system has such a widely varied software library and as we continue on later into the system's life, more and more casual gamers will begin to surface on the system. Many gamers who own the 360 do so because they are into the online gaming aspect of LIVE, and crave intense action shooters such as Gears of War; Therefore, it only makes sense that that particular title sold as well as it did.

I think the problem with the PS3 in general is how it is marketed as a console on a whole. Yes, Sony does an adequate job of letting people know the gaming capabilities of the system, pushing its features where they feel they need to; the problem though, is Blu-Ray's ever-present sales drive, and Sony's alternate issue of wanting to publicize the system as the best Blu-Ray player on the market.

Anyway, i'm sure we can all come together as gamers and give Media Molecule tons of praise for creating an amazing piece of software such as this. I do believe that this game will sell a lot more than detractors would give it credit for.

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rev203702d ago

Im playing it but so far i cant get excited as some of you have posted the game is good, but its not earth shattering i havent tried creating a level yet to be fair.

So ill wait and see

Mr_Bun3702d ago

I am surprised to hear you say that. I had such a blast just with the single player trying to get 100% completion on each of the levels (still only have 100% on the first one). Then I started messing around with the online/co-op and that made it even more fun! This is all before I tried to create custom levels.

Neo6043702d ago

I like super mario. I'll have to get the game and see.

thereapersson3702d ago

There really is no "it" thing that this game embodies; rather, it's many ideas and concepts rolled into one, and ready for you to create whatever gaming "experience" you can think of.

LBP is amazing in the sense that it can be the game for everyone, because it allows the player to unabashedly let their creative side take over. In this game, you can shape it to be whatever "game" you wish it to be.

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