Yoko Taro Hopes To See A PS Vita Successor, Something With Physical Buttons - Siliconera

NieR creator Yoko Taro recently shared his thoughts on Twitter about wanting a successor for the PlayStation Vita, and more from next-gen handheld consoles that he feels smartphones can’t offer.

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naruga2614d ago

probably a PS Vita 2 succesor...is this the best rumor that probably Sony prepares a new handheld?

isarai2614d ago

Vita successor? I cannot describe how excited that idea makes me

Eidolon2614d ago

I'd be happy with an upgrade like they did for PS4. A Vita PRO, with improved hardware and only takes patches to utilize the increased performance, and Boost Mode. Man a Handheld right now would probably have like 4x the performance and same battery life or better, easily.

zaherdab2614d ago

and a decent internal space .... so freaking difficult to find a reaosnably priced 64 gb and would not be enough

Kaneki-Ken2614d ago

Also don't forget R/L2 and R/L3, eliminate back touchscreen screen and original PSVITA screen or better, Either drop hard memory card or allow third party Memory card.

_-EDMIX-_2614d ago

At this stage they don't need an incremental upgrade, they need to have a new platform.

It would be nice if it was backwards compatible but I believe their best bet is moving forward only because it's been way way too long to Simply have an incremental upgrade.

Eidolon2614d ago

Well of course all that. But at bare minimal, all I want is an upgraded handheld so ports are way better, and life on handheld can continue. Vita's lack of power is definitely showing.

Eidolon2614d ago

Don't see why a new platform is needed. An upgrade and increase support is all the same. Keeping the current architecture while expanded/improved would be enough... why make something completely different? A new platform = changing the architecture, it's just more expensive. All the current Vita games would work on the new handheld, and the new handheld could handle more robust graphics and physics.

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DarkZane2614d ago

A vita successor would need to use SD cards to be successful, otherwise it's DoA already.

I believe a vita successor with SD card could do as well as Nintendo with their portable consoles.

Proprietary memory cards didn't help the PSP and it is the main reason for the Vita failing.

IAmLoki2614d ago

It has to be priced right, and supported better by Sony this time. The Vita was dead since the year it came out in the west, and the following E3 Sony gave it virtually no attention. In fact I couldn't remember if a single PSVita exclusive was mentioned on stage. Vita games were on the showroom floor, but the press conference is the most important aspect of E3. The red flags were everywhere since day one and look where it ended up.

Honestly I don't think the PSP3 would have much chance to become mainstream, but that shouldn't stop Sony from making a profit from it in the end. They need to really pay attention to the risks and maybe invest in better marketing and better quality third party support instead of some mediocre game studio that ruined CoD and Resistance, two of the greatest ideas that miserably failed. The marketing was awful for both PSP and PSVita, but in terms of first party game support, Vita was hands down far worse than the PSP. At least PSP had more gems from Sony themselves, third party was even better as well. The only aspect the vita got right was the features, but even then they managed to half assed a lot of them, like the Content Manager, and then removed a few of them in later firmware updates, namely maps related, I believe, as well as useful apps from the PS Store.

The Vita was miserable the whole time. It had a small but very devoted fan base, but outside that, nobody really wanted what Sony offered, and for good reason.

plmkoh2614d ago

"Proprietary memory cards didn't help the PSP and it is the main reason for the Vita failing."

PSP did not have a proprietary memory card, it was an open memory card standard created by Sony to challenge SD.

Vita is a proprietary memory card, because the cards are exclusive to the platform and are encrypted.

MeteorPanda2614d ago

Please vita. I bought toukiden 2 for it, this game would keep my vita in my bag for the year lol

Elda2614d ago

No make another Nier for the console & Vita if they must.

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