Miyazaki: Dark Souls Series Is Done For Now; Working On Several Games That Could Appeal

The Dark Souls series is done for now according to the game’s director, but he's working on several games that should be interesting.

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JMaine5182618d ago

Bloodborne 2. Make it happen.

naruga2618d ago (Edited 2618d ago )

nice Miyazaki .....bring now a game with a more "light" content ala Dragons Dogma or MonHun....you have the experience with third person it wouldnt be difficult

even a great TPS could be coming from FromSoftw that will easily topple any Ubi soft crap ...also i wont be surprised to see a 3D platformer form you (3dot fighter was an excellent game )...ok Bloodborne 2 probably is unofficially confirmed and i m hyped for it (though is the easy solution for you as a developper)

UltraNova2618d ago

Bloodborne 2 or Demon Souls 2 is must... other than that I really hope they are working on a DS successor...

AcidDvl2618d ago

Lmao, you're so pathetic.
I guess your username is equal to your actions on a daily basis...

_-EDMIX-_2618d ago

I would argue with how well the first game did the second game might likely already be in production for PlayStation 4.

Sony has actually publicly expressed they're regret for not paying more attention to the Demon Souls intellectual property when Dark Souls took off.

So it actually tells me that they are likely to release a second demon souls or blood-borne whenever they get the chance.

Bathyj2618d ago

why are you like this?

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lxeasy2618d ago

Make Bloodborne 2 multiplatform, more need to experience that amazing game!


You must want to get E killed lol. The insane PS fanboys will hunt you down for even mentioning Bloodborne and multiplat in the same sentence.

Dragonscale2618d ago

@black, and the xbots and nintendo fanboys wouldn't do the same for halo and zelda? Of course not /s.

tyasia02618d ago (Edited 2618d ago )

You got your messaging mixed up, your supposed to say "Japanese games suck and I wouldn't buy them anyway"

That's the proper messaging from Xboners.

ocelot072618d ago

Well if you believe all the talk about PS4 exclusive coming to PC via PS Now. You could always wait for it to come onto that. It could be a bit of a wait. Am still waiting for Demon's Souls to appear on that service.

LexHazard792618d ago (Edited 2618d ago )

@tyasia0, lmao...talking about mixed messages. And got Xboners coming out your mouth. 😂

lxeasy2618d ago

Damn I did not expect this much hostility from the PlayStation fanboys. Calm down all I was saying is that it was an awesome game that I think more gamers should get a chance to play. I did not know Sony owned it it's a great IP none the less.

_-EDMIX-_2618d ago

😂😂😂 28514;

Why would Sony do that?

JasonKCK2618d ago

Just wait for Bloodborne to be on PSNow PC if you don't mind the lag.

Captain_Tom2618d ago

Just get a god d*mn PS4 lol.

ChiefofLoliPolice2617d ago

Only one like and 74...Err..Ehh 75 dislikes now. Wow you know you said something really stupid.

Goldby2617d ago

heres another option.

buy a ps4

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alstruck2618d ago

Armored Core please.. need a mecha game in ps4

InKnight7s2618d ago

If u want something free just create JPN account and download free Gundam game its fun but, u know never gonna understand a thing except the picture XD.

formanbradley2618d ago

Don't kill me, but can Bloodborne just be its own thing? I want an alien-technology planet "Soulsborne" if anything. It would probably have a super cool colour palette, enemy design, and lore options.

gangsta_red2618d ago

Yes, something H. R. Giger inspired. Imagine something like an Alien story but with an eastern spin, especially from these guys.

DeathtoOtakuDJ2618d ago

Not Alien like, but try "The Surge"

formanbradley2618d ago

Those blue mushroom guys from BB are along the lines of what I was thinking... more "celestial being" than alien.

GrubsterBeater2617d ago


I don't know why you got disagrees with that comment, because that sounds amazing.

They did H.P. Lovecraft inspired with Bloodborne. H.R. Ginger themed Souls game would be amazing, and I actually thought of the same thing around the time Bloodborne released. Would be awesome.

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PurpHerbison2618d ago (Edited 2618d ago )

If you played through Bloodborne and followed the lore you will realize there is absolutely no room for a Bloodborne 2. Old Hunters DLC wrapped it up beautifully. All it would be is a forced entry to the series, much like Dark Souls 2. Instead, i'd like to see them try a new unique Souls style game. Bloodborne was new, it was amazing. Now they should try their hand again at something new instead of milking.