2 new games arrive for fans of Xbox Backwards Compatibility – but are they worth the return?

Carlos writes "It’s been a busy time for backwards compatibility arrivals with several new titles coming to the program in recent weeks dropping some fantastic fan favourites, as well as some equally great lesser known sensations to the Xbox One. But in the usual unexpected fashion it seems there is yet another set of games that have been added to the collection, but is it worth a return to the latest titles? Basically put, should you be playing them...or ignoring them?"

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TheUndertaker85625d ago

I don't know if they're great titles but they do certainly suit tastes. I know people who like Army of Two and others that like Solitaire.

Either way it extends the library of Xbox 360 titles playable on Xbox One.

Cmv38625d ago

I would love a return to the army of 2 series. Hell i would take a remaster of the first one with some mechanic updates.