Interplay confirms Fallout MMO

Interplay has announced the launch of its new website, offering forums based on past and future Interplay titles, a customer support section, detailed information on the company and more.

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hay3678d ago

Sooo glad that Interplay is finally doing something with Fallout(I think it's Fallout).

JsonHenry3678d ago


And I dont even like MMOs!


ok, i am a bit lost here, i thought Bethesda had bought the rights to fall out now. hence them working on fallout 3. Are interplay the original devs ?

sorry to sound like a noob, i feel like one as i have not played the old fall out games.

Relcom3678d ago

part of the agreement they reached was that interplay still had the right to the MMO.


thanks for clearing that up for me. bubble to you good sir.

Captain Tuttle3678d ago

Interplay is a joke's probably being run out of a post office box and the dumpster behind a Mailbox Etc.

MK_Red3678d ago

Hmmm... none of the original Fallout team is left (Black Isle is gone), Interplay hasn't made a single game in years and for the most part, I thought it was gone along with the Fallout MMO...

The worst part? The last Fallout game with Interplay logo was called Brotherhood of Steel for PS2 and Xbox, argubaly one of the worst games of the last gen and a disgrace to a PC legend like Fallout 1 & 2.

Captain Tuttle3678d ago

Fallout POS was an insult to all gamers...terrible, terrible game.

volcatius3678d ago

According to the official website

"The company also announced that Chris Taylor, a game designer who was a part of the original Fallout game development team at Interplay in 1994, has rejoined the company. Taylor will serve as Lead System Designer for “Project V13,” the working title of Interplay’s next generation Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMO) currently in development.
Taylor joins other original Fallout team members on staff at Interplay’s internal game studio, which recently opened an office in Irvine, Calif. Additional development staff members continue to be hired as the project ramps-up."