Clash of the Cultures

The differences between Western and Japanese game design philosophies.

The United States of America is the source of a huge number of modern inventions - the automobile, the television, the computer, and many, many others. And in many cases, people from other nations have added and improved upon the initial concept, vastly expanding the horizon for each of these technologies. The same applies to video gaming. Though electronic gaming was born in America, today's industry is supported by publishers from across the globe. Still, gaming is largely dominated by just two forces: America, the creator, and Japan, the nation that saved console gaming in the mid '80s.

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Raist5223d ago (Edited 5223d ago )

The USA, source of the computer, television and automobile inventions ?

lol, that's new, stop the press !

MicroGamer5222d ago

the automobile was invented in Germany. This guy needs to get his facts straight before he ever puts pen to paper and writes another rubbish article like this.

JasonPC360PS3Wii5222d ago

Gaming is ours though, bet that will piss a few Sony and Nintendo fanboys off.

ChickeyCantor5222d ago

Gaming is ours though, bet that will piss a few Sony and Nintendo fanboys off.

why would it piss anyone off?
even if it is your's the art that comes from the japs is way better :P

JasonPC360PS3Wii5222d ago

electricity is ours to, oh so is the television, telephone and the computer. Say aren’t these the things you just you used to type that message?

spacetoilet5222d ago

I'm just glad I like BOTH styles. I love my FPS pc games and I have always loved Jap games such as rpg's etc. I love their sense of artistic style.

Raist5222d ago

Automobile is mostly a french invention.
Television has been invented in scotland.
And all the bases of the computer have been invented in europe, mostly germany with the first programmable "computer".

JasonPC360PS3Wii5221d ago

Unless that was sarcasm you need to go back to school.

Raist5220d ago (Edited 5220d ago )


First programmable computer : Zuse (German) People like Pascal (French), Leibniz (German i think), Babbage (British) and some other europeans greatly contributed to the final invention of what we call now a computer, as early as the 17th century.

Cugnot (French) made the first automobile, using a steam engine. The first automobile patent in US is dated 1789. Lenoir (French again) invented the explosion engine.
Daimler and Benz invented the first true 4 cycles explosion engine, and it was first used in a car in France. The tires that we know now, were invented in France again, by the Michelin brothers.
You can check all these infos if you want on the web. Maybe you shouldn't trust the american history books, i guess they tend to forget some non american people :)

JasonPC360PS3Wii5220d ago (Edited 5220d ago )

Alright man didn’t want to do this, but the modern computer (not computing) those two words mean something different.

anyway the computer in which you type on and the technology that made it even possible for you to even be here at N4G at all (single chip microprocessor) you know cell phones, dvd players, mp3 players, computers and video game consoles “The things you use.”

Here is the fun fact section.

Here is some bio on those who made it
Ted Hoff
Federico Fa*gin (wont let me put the g in his name)
Stan Mazor

And to be a total d!ck here are some more facts for ya.

Electricity (discovery not Invention but without it your whole world would be dark) If you need a link for this you may need medication.

Some source links for you

There are a few fun things here, Ill just name a few.
1. Telephone (Alexander Graham Bell is known to be first but Granville Woods Phone Transmitter had one)
2. Revolver fine weapon works great LOL.(allways fun in a video game to)
3. Peep Show ha funny
4. Digital Computer “John Atanasoff and Clifford Berry of Iowa State College complete the prototype of the first digital computer. It can store data and perform addition and subtractions using binary code. The next generation of the machine will be abandoned before it is completed due to the onset of World War II.” 1939
5. Atomic Bomb this little device not only ended WWII. It aslo detured warlords, mercanaries and millitary dictators from ravaging war torn Europe (bonus the world don’t have to speak German and we have survivors)
6. Electric Guitar and the music that spawned from it.
7. Operating System
8. Automatic Traffic Signal we pay attention to this in real life but never in games.
9. Optical Fiber
10. Video game N4G!
11. Cellular Phone Henry T. Sampson (AA) July 6, 1971
12. Otis Boykin Otis Boykin (1920–1982) invented the electronic control devices for guided missiles, IBM computers, and the pacemaker.
13. Supercomputer
14. Blood Bank Dr. Charles Drew wonder how many lives he saved
15. Space Shuttle
16. Elevator and also safety device for elevators. Alexander Miles
17. PC
18. An Wang a Chinese-born American computer scientist, is best known for founding Wang Laboratories and holding over thirty-five patents including patent #2,708,722 for a magnetic pulse transfer controlling device which related to computer memory and was crucial to the development of digital information technology. Wang Laboratories was founded in 1951 and by 1989 employed 30,000 people and had $3 billion a year in sales, with such developments as desktop calculators and the first word processors. An Wang was inducted into the National Inventor's Hall of Fame in 1988
19. Genetic Engineering That’s a Big one
20. Supersoaker (water gun) Lonnie G. Johnson practice team combat with your friends.
21. Graphic User Interface Apple files a suit charging that Microsoft has pirated Apple's user-friendly graphical interface. The suit will fail, and Microsoft's star will continue to rise. By the mid 1990s, Apple will be experiencing a painful and public financial shakeout.


Raist5220d ago (Edited 5220d ago )

Who cares about this stuff ? i was speaking about computers, automobile, and TV. that's what was stated to be american inventions in the article. You sound like you want to play "mine is bigger tha yours" by listing all those inventions.

So right, the guys from intel invented the first microprocessor.
So ? Does a microprocessor only makes a computer ? hell no.
What would be the use of it if some guys before didn't invent all the bases ?
algorythms ? logic ? Machines that can calculate stuff (cause that's basicly what computers do) And so on.

And the first COMPUTER was invented by Mr Zuse. Go read some stuff about him, or just check the link i gave

Finally, I'll just quote your link
"After the invention of integrated circuits revolutionized computer design, the only place to go was down -- in size that is. The Intel 4004 chip took the integrated circuit down one step further by placing all the parts that made a computer think"

So they didn't INVENT the computer at all. They just IMPROVED it. End of story :)

Ho yeah right, you need electricity. Hmm, who would would consider to have invented it (or, yeah, discovered) it ? Edison ? I'd say William Gilbert

But anyways, if you want to list all the things that were needed to make computers like we know em know, i guess you'd have to go back to the inventor of the screwdriver... or, why not, the art of making metal alliages. See ? If you wanna go this way, i guess it would end up being a bit too old for the USA.

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