PSU Interviews Pandemic Studios

If you have never heard of Pandemic Studios, let me enlighten you. Pandemic Studios started back in 1998 with Josh Resnick (now company president) and Andrew Goldman (who is now CEO). Both at the time were working at Activision, but soon after had a vision to start their own independent development studio which would run as a branch of Activison.

The Interview covers everything from Mercenaries 2 being still a PS3 exclusive to Pandemics next Secret projects. Also there is some good details on Mercs 2 that some of you might not know about.

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OutpostCommand5228d ago

And that puts aside the rubbish generated by 360 fanboys that Mercs 2 is coming to 360...

Maldread5228d ago

Pandemic says : "To date, only the PS3 version has been announced. There are a lot of speculation and rumors about porting the title to other consoles from fans but nothing else has been confirmed. There is a lot of anticipation for Mercenaries 2 from fans of all consoles alike "

Translation, a 360 version is probally coming along at some time. They didn`t say it was an exclusive, but it could end up as a timed one. I think there will be a 360 version, but time will tell i guess.

Jay da 2KBalla5227d ago

I'm seeing this as an oblivion situation.