Rekindling a Child-like Glee in Railway Empire | Hardcore Gamer

It’s perhaps undeniable that Gaming Minds’ decision to keep to the genre tradition of an overhead, deity-styled (or in this case CEO-styled) presentation/perspective, could be considered a tug on those most youthful of heart-strings. But above all else, what players and/or fans of the RTS philosophy will find is a title that is nearly always asking questions of the player taking charge. Always advising those of us to consider everything before proceeding, to actually consider (and maybe reconsider) whether or not you can indeed afford a better station, or an extension of track or indeed an upgrade or two.

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theXtReMe1568d ago

I love railway sims. I just hope they give us console gamers the ability to use a mouse and keyboard, as these games always tend to be tougher to play with a gamepad.