IGN: Duke Nukem 3D Review & Video Review

IGN writes: "When Duke Nukem 3D released in 1996 gaming had yet to be inundated with risqué title after risqué title. Back then, Duke was the only game in town that had mothers ripping cords out of walls at the sight of the game's titular character handing a "professional dancer" a wad of ones to flaunt her "assets" at the camera.

Now that sort of activity is commonplace in a world of videogames where you can have sex with prostitutes and then ruthlessly slaughter them curbside. Still, Duke Nukem 3D was home to plenty of solid, innovative gameplay mechanics that include being the first FPS game to deliver a jetpack and the ability to swim. Now the game from 3D Realms is landing on Xbox Live Arcade, complete with new multiplayer features and that same great single-player campaign that everyone remembers so fondly."

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ape0075740d ago

"hail to the king baby"

duke's shotgun ftw

graphics 4.5? ok,ok but why give vc games higher while they looks the same?talking about being bias.

Lord Shuhei Yoshida5740d ago

Only on the 360.The 1997 graphics prove it.

StuffRokz5740d ago

considering the game originally came out in 1996, graphics from 1997 would be pretty good for this particular game, no?

power of Green 5740d ago (Edited 5740d ago )

LOL you wasted your time talking to that retarded muther fucer looking for attention because he doesn't get in the real world hence why he trolls every 360 thread trying to post first to get props from other trolls and get under others skin.

socomnick5740d ago

heh best video game character ever.

TheColbertinator5740d ago

Am I hearing this right? Nick,what about The Chief?

socomnick5739d ago

Shhhh the chief is really just nuke wearing spartan armor.

KiddyBrownTurd5740d ago


kenjix5740d ago

Microsoft should release something better than age old and graphically dated games to excite gamers. This looks like a$$ cheaks.

JOLLY15740d ago (Edited 5740d ago )

have fun with your tilt control. I will have fun kicking @ss and chewing bubble gum. On a side note, too bad the sixaxis doesn't have motion control just a hokey tilt controller.

KingME5740d ago

Are you for real. This is the release of a classic not the "remake of a classic". In addition MS don't own the rights to the Duke Nukem IP, so it's not up to them to update the graphics. So stop show your inability to not be a fanboy.

I love this game, and to me it's cool seeing the same way it looked on the PC. Now we're comparing duke nukem with wipe out? Simply a grasp for the straws of hate.

ape0075740d ago

duke nukem>the whole wipeout series

PirateThom5740d ago

You noob, Duke Nukem 3D is not only the greatest FPS of all time, it's one of the best games of all time. As good as Wipeout is, it'll never compare to The King, baby.

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ryanC1233982d ago

Duke nukem is a great franchise but this one is shit