What Matters Most to You When It Comes to Game Consoles?

According to a recent research report, graphics quality topped consumers’ desired console improvements, following by adding games to a console’s total library. While not the most desired, controllers that are easier to use and single-player games were also popular responses.

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skydragoonityx2439d ago

Great games > good graphics > good controller

Deep-throat2439d ago (Edited 2439d ago )

Third party support, stable and fast network

naruga2438d ago (Edited 2438d ago )

quality exclusives > quality exclusives > quality exclusives .... everything else is just a childish justification for the non-owners of the specific console

ShadowKnight2438d ago

Third party support🤔 😅😂

UltraNova2438d ago

Top notch games designed and developed to maximize my hardware's capabilities. In other words, games like Horizon Zero Dawn.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen2438d ago

More exclusives to choose from in every genre - gives me a reason to buy the console
Amazing looking games - The visual spectacle is crucial to immersion
Storage space - duh

bouzebbal2438d ago

Exclusives and variety.

Next question ?

TheFirstClassic2438d ago

Third party support only matters that much if you only own that one console.

Relientk772438d ago

Says the guy who owns a console that doesn't have exclusives anymore lol

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darthv722439d ago

Personally, I put story and fun game play above graphics.

The 10th Rider2438d ago (Edited 2438d ago )

Exactly. Why would anyone put graphics first? In the vast majority of situations graphics become outdated after a few years anyways. If graphics were the be all and end all, why wouldn't everyone just get a PC?

1908-PB2438d ago

The 10th Rider---- i get what you are saying but there is more to PC than graphics a lot more

The 10th Rider2438d ago


Oh, I know. I own a gaming PC. I'm just saying if someone really thought graphics were a top priority they really should own a PC. Heck, you can even set it up to stream to your TV and you can use a gaming controller with it. If graphics were really the highest priority it'd easily be the way to go.

gedden72438d ago

Well people associate great games with story, graphics and not gameplay... Unfortunately.

TheKingKratos2438d ago (Edited 2438d ago )


well said, i like the fact that i put the disc and just play while getting amazing graphics without having to worry about adjusting the settings for better graphics or fps and getting and i have powerful gaming pc that i get most multiplat games on it but nothing beat gaming on console and don't forget trophies...there is something about about getting a trophy in games that makes me want to go on for some reason.

1908-PB2438d ago

Gamer4lifz--- hmm your comment is like a copy and paste of someone that doesn't own a RIG and before i say any more care to show those specs?

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chrisx2439d ago

To answer this question, take a look at the success of the Playstation series

PlayStation_52438d ago

Games, games, and more games. A constant, consistent, never-ending stream of the most creative, technologically advanced, diverse, highest quality first-party console exclusives from the most experienced leading developers in the industry, including the strongest AAA and Indie third-party support from every type of genre and region in the world...

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ApocalypseShadow2439d ago

The lure of graphics is always what gamers see first when getting a next gen console. But it's the idea of more games to play that really bring them forward.

Storage space is getting crazy now that we have to install the whole game. Even with the disc inside.

Who doesn't like better controls? Can't play games comfortably for long periods without it.

I love this last one. MORE SINGLE PLAYER GAMES. I'm ecstatic about that. Nothing wrong with multiplayer. But it feels good that not one gamer has mentioned the ridiculous idea that something like Horizon Zero Dawn needs multiplayer. One of the best single player games today. Not one. That's awesome. More single player please!

*Side note: how can you post a link to a report that we can't even see without logging in to academic mintel? That's crappy. No. I'm not signing up.

Cmv382438d ago

A masterpiece like horizon could use multiplayer. But my only caveat when single player games have multi is for it not to be tacked on. Most of the time it is and that ruins the game. I could envision being a tribe and hunting robots together. But it would be hard to implement in such a meaningful way that's adds rather than takes away that right now, not worth the effort.

Bathyj2438d ago

I've said before I would like an arena mode (not necessarily in an actual arena, it could be anywhere) where you can choose any amount and combination of machines to battle against. Put a Thunderjaw and a Rock Breaker and a few Tramplers in there. Override the TJ and have at it. Or a Behemoth and a dozen Sawtooths (Sawteeth?). The possibilities would be endless.

I would not be adverse to putting co-op into this mode, I think that would be great, but I am with you, I hate single player games getting MP. I wouldnt even have it in Uncharted.

MP is nearly all basically the same idea, run around shooting everything that moves, and MP gamers are never happy anyway, they are always complaining about balancing. No one ever agrees on what the game should be. I'm glad GG concentrated on SP and resisted what must have been a big temptation to jam some stupid deathmatch in there. Good for them, and us, because it means a better game in the long run. Every dev working on the MP is a dev not working on the SP.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory2438d ago

"Storage space is getting crazy now that we have to install the whole game. Even with the disc inside."
Luckily for Switch you don't have to.