BioWare on how the Mass Effect 3 controversy shaped Mass Effect Andromeda

Bioware's Fabrice Condominas talks Mass Effect 3's contentious ending and how it influenced the development of Mass Effect Andromeda.

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chrisx596d ago (Edited 596d ago )

And yet couldn't avoid even more controversy on andromeda. Bravo

AnotherProGamer595d ago

did they think giving the franchise to a inexperienced team would go over well? I think they wanted to shit out one more sci-fi RPG because Star Wars was going to take that sci-fi RPG role in the future

SlappingOysters596d ago

Should never have changed the ending in ME3

AspiringProGenji596d ago (Edited 596d ago )

Some men just wanna watch the world burn, master Wayne

Sam Fisher596d ago

I remember that ftom somewhere

Demobot596d ago

Yes they should have. You invest a lot with ME to get a lame ending with no closure.

Sam Fisher596d ago

Hes talking about the original ending before the color choice, about the story of dark matter

jznrpg596d ago

Shouldn't let others change your vision. I know money makes them worry but it can make it worse in the end

Trekster_Gamer596d ago

How did Mass Effect 3 make the company hire people with worst Talent bad voice acting and worst gameplay??

Chaosdreams596d ago

Gameplay in terms of combat, is certainly better. The menu's, while needing a trim, do function once you figure out the logic. As for voice acting, I actually think they did a good job. It comes down to the dialogue however, the dialogue is more of an issue than the ones delivering the lines. Some sections are good, others, leave me wanting more, and in some cases, I just laugh at what's being said.

Pintheshadows595d ago

'Gameplay in terms of combat, is certainly better'

I mean if you are talking about the mechanics and amount of things you can do, then I agree with you, but if you are talking about the actual combat encounters and enemy AI, I think they are both on the bad side. I am 22 hours in, and am still waiting for the combat to actually click and be fun. It all just feels like running through the motions so far. I don't think the average soundtrack helps either.

opinionated596d ago

*Bioware meeting*

Producer 1: ME3 was awful, how do we fix this in andromeda?

Producer 2: ... We make ME3 look like a masterpiece in comparison.

Producer 1: Genius.

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