PS4 Overwatch Troll Extorts Money From Teammates And Blizzard Says It's Not Their Problem

Overwatch is available for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, but console community management leaves something to be desired. A Blizzard forum poster detailed his frustrating experience with a troll that stated "Send me cash or I'll throw" and the complete lack of systems to report and ban toxic players.

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Erik73572192d ago (Edited 2192d ago )

Well, the reporting system blizzard has would eventually weed that asshole out of the system.

They cant stop the idea of trolling happening but if someone constantly does that they will get banned.

Plus, that guy wont be succesful in getting money and would probably stop at one point lol

Zero_Suit_Samus2192d ago

Sony needs a proper reporting system. I'd report those trolls with a screenshot of their messages attached.

johndoe112112191d ago

No, BLIZZARD needs a proper reporting system. This is blizzard's game therefore they need to deal with this matter.

Eidolon2191d ago

You know you need manpower for this new reporting system, right? you should go work for them.

Goldby2191d ago

apparently it was via in voice chat so its difficult to record that unless the person already had check that they allow their voice to be recorded

gums0072190d ago

Blizzard has zero obligation in paying for someones lack of competence. That's hysterical if you think otherwise. However a proper reporting system would be good.

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Liqu1d2192d ago

They have an issue with people grinding for loot boxes or using M&K on console but not this.

PapaBop2191d ago

Blizzard just aren't what they used to be these days

Eidolon2191d ago (Edited 2191d ago )

Sony does? The issue here is the "disconnect" with Sony and Blizzard. What the hell can either of them do about someone talking over a mic asking for money. And this isn't really a huge thing for them to restructure their stuff. It's trolling, no one has to pay this guy anything, it could very well be someone not asking for money and still effing up the match.

AspiringProGenji2191d ago (Edited 2191d ago )

If they wanted, they would work something out with the console companies to figure put a report system, but they don't put the same lev od attention to consoles. Also banning a troll from overwatch won't make Sony lose money because he would still keep his PSN account and go somewhere else. The rules are the rules and I'm sure Sony would understand and won't intervene.

To me it is just Blizzard not caring enough about consoles.

kaizokuspy2191d ago

Meh, bad journalism. I was in that forum post and I'll state the same thing here. Console report feature is being implemented in the summer. It's been being developed since winter and takes a while to get right before going live on consoles. That's what Jeff Kaplan said, expect it around summer. I have around 700 hours in overwatch and I've never encountered someone trying to extort me. If they tried and threw the match, Meh it's a loss, I'll get a win back right after. After all its a game. You can always get back to where you were, it's not like you'll go on a 10 game losing streak from 1 guy throwing. Even then there's a 10 game Win streak right around the corner after that.

zaherdab2191d ago

I didn't know it's a game!

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InTheZoneAC2191d ago (Edited 2191d ago )

So morons sent the troll money? Lol definitely not blizzards problem

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