Xbox 360 dev: PS3 ports to be "reasonably difficult"

With game development costs growing to monstrous proportions and trampling the unconventional concepts roaming the streets of less ambitious publishers, it doesn't take a brilliant businessman to realize that multiplatform releases are likely to generate more money than exclusives. It might, however, take a brilliant programmer to carry out that strategy. Since the Xbox 360 and PS3 both embrace the paradigm of parallelism (or really pretty graphics, if you prefer), it has become almost a foregone conclusion that a large number of titles will inevitably wind up on both platforms.

It's not an outlandish conclusion to reach, but the journey may not be as easy as all that. In a recent (and very interesting) Ars Technica interview, Xbox 360 developer Matt Lee points out that porting games between the two systems might be a tad tricky.

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The BS Police5448d ago

This is the main reason why the PS3 was delayed from my point of view.

It's obvios there really isn't a difference between both sytems graphicly while it is much more easier to develop games for the 360.

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The BS Police5448d ago

Quit satating your damn Fanboy coments on the 360 website. Nobody likes you and your dumb comments that arn't even facts so do us all a favor and start doing some reasearch.

I'm starting to think your that ssj04 that everyone hates!

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FamoAmo5448d ago

Gametime is mad that all the muti platform games will be ported over from the 360!! Also you statment about the first wave of Sony games looking better than the 2nd wave of 360 games is rediculous.. The best looking ps3 game is assassins creed and its shown on the 360 using the 360 dev kit.. Now that's pathetic!! Also half the launch titles are ports from the 360!! What game looks better than the 1st wave of 360 games?? Gametime your pathetic we all see the screens your comment or post is a joke. STOP POSTING BS GAMETIME!

FamoAmo5448d ago

The 1.5 as you refer to it is more powerful than the ps3 now and games will look identical if not better on the 1.5 as you call it... So I guess how is it a 1.5???? With all the downgradeing and crap on the ps3 you should call it the ps2.5!!! and 1 more thing Until you see a ps2.5 game look as good as GOW or H3 STFU B/C the ps2.5 is a pathetic "COMPUTER"!!!

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The BS Police5447d ago

You idiot we've had proof of this since November 22nd, your just to freaking retarded to admit it!

JIN KAZAMA5447d ago

I heard it is also comming to the 360 gametime. But expect most of these games now to be multi platform. The 360 is a great machine, but the PS3 is better. It has everyhting the 360 does, and then some. 360 fans can say whatever they want, the price tag of 600 is well worth the ps3. The price tag of 400 for 360 is not worth it. The premium package of the 360 should have been 299. with 600, you are getting so much for the value, sorry 360, you are the weakest link. Goodbye.

FamoAmo5447d ago

Didn't you see E3? Assassins was at the Sony booth running on the 360 dev kit!!! Now tell me its not coming to the 360!!! Its being developed for the 360 as a ps3 launch title but really its another 360 port for the ps3!!

Shadow Flare5447d ago

no one claimed that ps3 launch titles were gonna show a visible difference in graphics tho. I think even sony said that u have to wait for developers to get to grips with the ps3 before u see its full potential. I think tho the standard of games will accelerate alot faster with the ps3 than the 360

at any rate, no matter what the specs are, i can always rely on this:

people arent interested in xbox, the vast majority prefer playstation.

PS2 still outsells the 360 EASILY in usa. Thats a disgrace

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OutLaw5448d ago

The game would be more compatible to port to a 360 then a PS3. Because of the cell technology.

Shadow Flare5447d ago

You xbox guys have it easy at the moment. No next-gen competition whatsoever right now. In fact the only competition u hav is the ps2, and considering ps2 has outsold 360 easily 6 out of 7 months in usa, i wouldnt be sitting so proud myself. I mean, if 360 is struggling to be top with no next-gen competition, wait till it gets some competition

you xbox guys can say what u want right now cos 360 is on its own, but when ps3 comes, thats when you'll havta start realising that your not king of the hill

OutLaw5447d ago

I'm not a 360 fan but a gamer. So cut the Bull about Xbox fan. I'm kind of tired that I speak my mind one way and automaticly I'm judge. So save your comment for some one else.

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The Real Deal5448d ago

I don't think the Cell is as well designed for game development as Sony would have you believe. Some aspects of the SPEs, such as the lack of branch prediction, make them particularly unsuited to running most game code, which contains a lot of branches. They appear to be designed more for serialized streaming math code, more common in video codecs and audio processing, the traditional domain of digital signal processing chips. The memory architecture of the SPEs, specifically their lack of automatic cache coherency in favor of DMA transactions, seems like a lot of overhead is needed to feed work units to the SPEs and copy the results back to system memory.

The PPE appears to be essentially identical to one of the Xbox 360 cores, except without the VMX128 enhancements and with half the cache. However, a much greater assortment of work has to be crammed into this single core—all of the game loop, all of the rendering commands, and the system allegedly takes over some time as well. Only the second and third cores on Xbox 360 use a small timeslice to provide cool stuff like the Guide, music playback, Dolby Digital encoding, and more things that we can add in the future to all games, past and present.

I think porting from Xbox 360 to PS3 will be reasonably difficult, since the Xbox 360 has a lot more general purpose processing power that can be flexibly reallocated, and all of the Xbox 360 CPU cores have equal access to all memory. The asymmetric nature of the Cell could easily lead to situations where the game has too little of one type of processing power and too much of another. And the content might suffer as well, since you'll never see a PS3 title with more than 256MB of textures at any given time, due to the split graphics and system memory banks. When we announced 512MB of unified memory on Xbox 360, I think all of our game developers (and the artists too) did a little happy dance. It's easier to use and gives developers much more flexibility in how they allocate memory for various resources.

In terms of performance, I think that the PS3 and the Xbox 360 will essentially be a wash. We ran the numbers a while back and the two systems come up surprisingly close in theoretical peak performance, despite the one year difference in release dates. However, I know for a fact that we have a great advantage in software and services—our development environment and tools are years ahead of the competition, and this will ensure that Xbox 360 game developers can easily realize all of this performance and make superior games. Xbox 360 is a great system to develop on, a real pleasure—and I believe our developers agree.

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The BS Police5447d ago

Gametime get your facts straight... Microosft is a software company and Sony is just a hardware company... do you always contradict yourself at home like this!

360theAssasinsCreed5447d ago

regardless of your blind alegance to SONY, which is a hardware company, i would tend to listen to even MS when it comes to SOFTWARE development. Also unlike you i don't align myself i prefer xbox games, also to fill you in I was when the PS1 came out in line at launch and an actual Sony Fanboy and when the xbox 1 came out i would tell everyone i refuse to buy it Sony is KING, but i learned to open my mind and give MS a shot I personally hate the company and their OS which is buggy, but this is a gaming console and their PC business practices will not work in the gaming field or they will be toast, people would see that and stop buying their product, but to sit there and try and tell us 360 owners that its a 1.5 when this GHOST system called the PS3 isn't out yet is beyond asanine. When it comes out and it blows the 360 games out of the water i will be the first to come on here and gladly admit it cause i could care less what company makes the system as long as you give me the games i want which are flight simulators, RPG's, FPS, RTS, action/adventure, sports, puzzle games, and each system has their strength genre xbox the FPS and PS RPG's as you can see i like diversity and yes PS has a lot of games for PS2, but i will wait until i see on the PS3, right now the 360 has a way better lineup than the first xbox and its as diverse as it can be with more games coming in the summer and fall.

So i am glad your that passionate about the PS3, but at least wait till its out and in the publics hands before you start blindly bashing the 360 it boils down to you favorite games are on the PS and that's cool, but to bash xbox owners because they don't like the games you like is what i did in the 4th grade with the my dad can whip your dad's butt garbage. Who Cares both will be excellent machines, now if the 360 had the WII's power then i could see your bashing, but POWER isn't everything it's the GAMES.

You must have pent up frustrations from the PS2 huh gametime because the xbox was way more powerful why did the PS win that round the GAMES! This is a prime example of POWER is nothing without the games to back it up so like i said wait until your PS is out before you spit garbage all over the place and i know there are xbox fanboys that need to tone it down too, so your not singled out well maybe to some on here, but this applies to all fanboys.

OutLaw5447d ago

Thats scary how Gametime writes something and SonyisGod writes right after him. Like it is two different people. SSJ04 you are a nut case.

The Real Deal5447d ago

That article was from a Nuetral source. Not a Microsoft website. Busted lying again. The site is . You got issues. lol....And the ps2 only outsold the 360 1 month and thats the month they dropped the price to 130. lol....360's sell out as fast as the stores get them. They recieve a couple shipments a week. You hate it don't you? lol... I just can't wait for the ps3 to come out so everyone can go to Walmart or Eb games and see them running side by side and make a decision. lol...I can't wait to see what you have to say then. I'm excited.

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