Take a Look at How Mass Effect's Graphics Have Changed Through the Years

Alex from Twinfinite writes "Andromeda's ability to render dazzling explosions, razor-sharp textures and vibrant lighting effects should mark a generational leap in quality, despite the much-discussed controversy over Andromeda's facial animations.

In light of these supposed shortcomings, we've compiled images spanning different in-game scenarios across the entire Mass Effect series to showcase the improvements over the years."

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madhouse02596d ago

Andromeda does look sharp, but it runs wayyy better on PS4 Pro. Still, pretty obvious that the graphics in Andromeda are better than previous games.

595d ago
Pintheshadows594d ago (Edited 594d ago )

It runs like a dog on the normal PS4. A dog with three legs.

I keep having issues whenever I sprint or drive the Nomad where the entire game will freeze in place whilst it loads. That is forgetting the absolutely awful pop in, textures blurring on Ryder during conversations, audio not playing, getting stuck on nothing and not being able to move without loading a game.

When people said Mess Effect, they weren't lying. The annoying thing is, there is some good stuff in here (maybe a bit too much stuff in general) but it falls by the wayside because at every turn the game buckles under its own weight.

I don't even need to mention the animations at this point. This game has a lot more problems than just that. The AI is just awful. All of the scripting feels a bit broken, like I may break a mission by doing something the game couldn't anticipate when it should be able to. And the biggest issue I have is that almost all of the side content is just MMO style busy work that I have no desire to partake in. Oh, find these six drones because reasons. I am still waiting for a decent combat encounter that feels thrilling. So far, they have all been painfully average, and the Kett just aren't a very compelling enemy.

Kramerica13595d ago

Love this series. Haven't played Andromeda yet (thanks, Zelda), but hoping it's better than reviews indicate.

Summons75595d ago

The reviews honestly gave it a slap on the wrist simply because of its name. Any other new IP releasing with these problems would be bashed and reviewed into oblivion. It sucks being a long time Bioware fan see them fall so far and so hard from greatness but this is what happens when you allow a megacorporation to limit your creative freedom and you let your ego get the best of you. It's very clear why all the best talent has quit since the EA buyout.

Krysis595d ago

I'm a long time Bioware fan stretching back to Baldurs Gate and I'm enjoying the game quite a bit. It's not without some flaws but overall it's a good game to me

Jon61586595d ago

Have you played the game?

OB1Biker595d ago

Its different but the same but different..
Just close your eyes and block your ears for ten minutes the first time you board the Nexus and your good for great ride.

Kokyu595d ago (Edited 595d ago )

Its not different, the reviews are actually pretty poor.

- The audio doesnt sync up several times or when ever it wants. The vault on Kadara is bugged and if you die activiating the vault it will glitch and you wont be able to reset the vault to complete it, making it impossible to complete Liam's loyalty mission as well.

- Characters often dont show up in the talking sections or sometimes are silent while a conversation are going on. The character models have pop in textures or textures that act strange, like Jaal's legs looking like the wire frame is moving but his leg textures are fixed and just kind of bend and slide.

- Several times I had a glitch where it appeared vasaline was put over the screen during conversation points.

- The mako will randomly just freeze in frame until you let off the gas, several times my charater fell through platforms and stairs or stumbled on them failing to go up them.

- Only two romantic options have sex scenes instead of them all.

- No enemy lock on makes combat pretty poor and over aggressive squad mates kill things before I can even fire a shot.

These are only a hand full of glitches I found in mt 40hr play through there are tons of minor ones and I didnt even mention how the servers dont always sync on start up when you begin playing.

Lastly the story is just a damn rehash of ME3 when you get down to it and the end battle is a joke, seriously a joke. I was excited for this game for the last five years and in 7 days Bioware put itself in the stack of once great devs that are now just shells for EA.

ArchangelMike595d ago

What platform are you playing on? I have noticed one of two glitches here and there, but nothing on the scale of what your describing. I'm playing on the PS4 Pro though.... so...

Kokyu595d ago

Hahaha love people who cant be honest because they fanboy so hard.

CorndogBurglar594d ago

I'll reply to this even though you'll probably just call me a fanboy like that other guy.

I've come across 2 glitches in my 15 hours of play:

1. My character's voice track didn't play at the beginning of a conversation. But as soon as the other person talked it was fine.

2. An enemy's dead body was floating in the air.

I will also say the facial animations can be a little weird at times, but its nothing that ruins thw game for me.

All these things you listed haven't happened to me. Call me a fanboy if you want, but those are literally the only things I've seen in 15 hours.

In Horizon Zero Dawn i saw multiple dead enemies float in the air. There is also a major glitch in Horizon that locks the gates of the starting city so you can't go back in and get the Power Node you need for the power armor.

In no way am I saying ME is better than Horizon. My point is that even that critically and fan acclaimed game has its bugs and issues yet people love it (as do i).

If you have really seen all those glitches then that sucks for you. Seriously. But I haven't and I'm enjoying it quite a bit.

Sircolby45594d ago

Don't listen to @Summons75 as he obviously hasn't played the game. If anything the reviews were FAR too harsh. This game is fantastic and the so called issues are pretty much non issues. Facial animations are not that bad and doesn't really detract from a fantastic game that looks amazing. (I would expect nothing less from the Frostbite engine) The story is fantastic, the graphics are amazing, and the gameplay is solid. Don't let a few facial animations that aren't even that bad deter you from an amazing game.

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Fishy Fingers595d ago

Obviously looks better now than ever before (at least in 95% of cases), understand the shift to Frostbite (£££) but can't help but wonder if sticking to Unreal Engine would of served them better having the experience.

Great looking game in the main, waiting for sub £20 sale.

Artemidorus595d ago

It's EA you have a long wait.

Fishy Fingers595d ago

So be it. It's just one game, there are others. I can wait.

Eldyraen595d ago

I'd give it an 8 so far.

Graphics are nice but then you run into "planet of the apes" humans (shoulders too far back, knees bent a little too much, walking with elbows at an odd angle as well) and other times he looks "normal"-ish Iike his animation is swapped with an alien's now and again almost. It's not a deal breaker, but it's annoying when its most glaring, especially during in game cutscenes/conversation areas (some are in-engine, mosty major campaign story ones, which are clearly better quality overall). A few other animation issues now and again as well.

Plus it has more Dragon Age: Inquisition level clipping through things compared to older Mass Effect titles. Jumping is the worst with it as when he lands he often clips through the ground just a bit (especially if on small rocks like it's syncing for ground underneath still and not the rock itself). Again, not a deal breaker but immersion breaking now and again. Floaty at times as well like areas of DA:I (where you're an inch or so above the ground--happened in at least one rather major conversation/cutscenes far for me where it's like "QA please?".

I think it's mostly an EA issue and just how big these games are. There is a bottom line for EA and after a certain point I think Bioware has to use more canned designs than handcrafted ones, which is a little sad. Maybe some of is the engine being an issue for open world games since DA:I used it as well and both have some of the same issues. Could use more tweaks for open world front?

Who knows, it looks great most of the time but then you see issues which were not as common as older games (some were still there with unreal, but not all of them or as often).

Outside of issues, I enjoy the game though. A few nitpick a here and there (new alien species' females...) but when exploring the worlds it feels likes a ME game given some (mostly natural) alterations.

Miss_Weeboo595d ago

Once I was playing this awesome sequel to a game. Reminded me of the 5th Element, Blade Runner and Shadowrun, etc. all things I love... It had this perfect mission in Omega, were you had people couching and dying from a plague! A great collection of Art in Hock's Vault (with the head of the statue of liberty); David's mission (and when you finally see him with that things in his eyes: Kubrick!) just to name a few little details... Great level design!, great characters!, fine shooter!

And then EA...

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