Level-5 announces Cardboard Senki for the PSP

Level-5 has announced a new game called Cardboard Senki for the PSP in the latest Famitsu magazine. Its release date is scheduled for next year in Japan.

- Brand new type of RPG.
- You play as a small combat robot called LBX, in environments made out of cardboard.
- You can buy new parts and models for LBX at stores to upgrade and outfit the robot.



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Raoh3679d ago


level 5 has been busy

jams_shop3679d ago

I didn't know they could work in so many games at the same time

Rick Astley3679d ago

Level-5 is bigger than you think. Level-5 = The new Squaresoft.

Omegasyde3679d ago


bigger doesn't mean bigger as you can see ever since Square soft merged with enix, we get 1 good game out of 5 instead of 5 great games out of 5.

IMHO I liked squaresoft when they were smaller they made better games.

Too many projects = Quantity over quality = which is EA's motto.

Tacki3679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

"bigger doesn't mean bigger"

Whoa, what's it mean then? ;)

I'm just jokin' with ya! Do notice that Rick said Level 5 is the new Squaresoft though. No Enix to be found! I think he was trying to say that Level 5 is looking to take the former Squaresoft's place. It certainly looks like it could happen! :)

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Laexerias3679d ago

I hope there is still a PS3 Game coming!

*hopes* DARK CLOUD 3 !!!

lnfinite3679d ago

hahaha,the PSP is set to Dominate Japan in a Few Months

MAiKU3679d ago

Wow, that a nice thing to hear. Considering that it puts that "PSP losing third party support" article to shame.

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The story is too old to be commented.