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LordMaim667d ago

Time index for topics:
(2:09) Dandr0id talks cosplay and plays Ghost Recon: Wildlands
(5:21) Jack McBastard plays Mass Effect: Andromeda (Spoiler free)
(35:09) Discs, Downloads and DLC
(43:26) Switch Disappointment: Week 10
(45:24) Disappointment 1: Breath of the Wild on emulators
(47:49) Disappointment 2: "Manufacturing Variation"
(53:15) Dandr0id sums up his issues with the Assassin's Creed movie
(57:58) Ubisoft's plans for new adaptations of Assassins' Creed
(1:07:09) Assassin's Creed Empire debunked?
(1:08:40) Andrzej Sapkowski kicks himself
(1:13:14) Playtronic backs away from JonTron
(1:19:46) Michael Pachter misses the point on the Xbox Game Pass
(1:32:01) Gamestop Q4/FY 2016 results fail to meet forecast
(1:41:41) The Options Menu - Hidden Gems
(1:42:24) Hidden Gems - Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy
(1:50:10) Hidden Gems - The Saboteur

XXanderXX667d ago (Edited 667d ago )

Personally To hell with Pacther , ego maniac

LordMaim667d ago

I don't know about him being an egomaniac, but I don't know how he got to be this visible figure. His track record is spotty at best.

667d ago