My First Time With Horror: Resident Evil 1

MonsterVine: "This is a difficult one for me to really express appropriately because at when I was around nine years old, I wasn’t familiar with the genre of horror in video games. Horror, to me, was something associated with film and Stephen King Novels."

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Jason_Plays_PC570d ago

Best memories in gaming for me being a 12 year old and playing this for the first time on ps1.

BlackTar187570d ago

yea I think I was a little younger but I remember not knowing about memory cards. So my brother and I would just play over and over from the beginning until we died or eventually beat the whole game. Great time. The memorization though was key on the knife only playthrough.

naruga570d ago (Edited 570d ago )

maybe i ve said ti before but for me Resident Evil 1 was somewhat a launch title for PS1 (i bought the console along with it) s by far the best game in the series and probably one of the best games ever in gaming history was basically a product made by a lucky meeting of the dream team inside Capcom...imo its very difficult to be repeated again ..even ReRemake is in a lot of things inferior to the original

570d ago