Famitsu 2008/09/26

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3 new Lvl 5 games announced, new sega rpgs revealed.

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Tacki3678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

I noticed this as well..

Gouken? This is the first time I've heard of this character being in Street Fighter IV. Is this indeed new information or did I miss an article before?

I know Cammy, Fei-Long and Dan were confirmed for the console versions.

DevilVergilX3678d ago

I just saw the screen of Gouken!!! So Badass!!! Definatly picking sf4 right when its release plus the 129.99$ arcade stick!!! and OMG Albert Wesker!!! RE5 and SF4 will be on my pick up list!!! oh and the psp rpgs look awesome!

AngryBot3678d ago

WipeOut HD review IGN - 9
Resistance 2 mopping the floor with gays at war
WKC - best JRPG since slicebread.
Level 5 announces 3 more games for the PS brand
And so it continues, xbots.


Voiceofreason3678d ago

Sorry I just have to laugh at such a pathetic attempt. Who exactly are you trying to convince? It looks like youself. Sad that in order to convince yourself you supported the right console you have to grasp at mediocre franchises(R2) and unproven franchises(WKS) and have nothing solid to fall back on. From where I am sitting it must suck to be a PS3 fanboy. insead of enjoying that great console like 360 gamers are doing , you have to spend your time defending your choice and trying to justify it to yourself.I can understand why you are angry though, you bought a movie player to play games on and now most of them are complete crap and you went from playing your PS3 to doing nothing but defending it. I'd be mad too but then again thats why I sold mine last year. Please dont let me stop you though, hearing someone try so hard to convince themselves they didnt waste any money is always amusing. BTW I do not own nor will I ever own a MS console. Just because I dont support them though doesnt mean it isnt obvious its superior in every way to the PS3.GTA4 on PS3 needed a patch just to play and played at 640p. 360 version needed no patch and played at 720p.

gaffyh3678d ago http://wiieveryday.blogspot...

Behind seems like a new PSP games, from the looks of it it's a horror RPG

J BO3678d ago

I think Gouken is the other costume of Akoma, but RE5 and SF4 are first day purchase for me.