Nintendo Promotes Splatoon eSports, Without Giving Teams Money For It, Because Nintendo

NoobFeed writes: "Right now, everyone is enjoying the Global Testfire event for Splatoon 2. At the same time, Nintendo is preparing the culmination of an eSports tournament of the first Splatoon, called Go4Splatoon Europe. The Grand Final of that event will take place in Paris on April 1, 2017 and will feature some more Splatoon 2 gameplay. Nintendo is adamant to push at least one aspect of this contest; the part where it’s happening and that they’re involved."

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PhoenixUp2140d ago

"In true Nintendo fashion, it shows a garish lack of effort and commitment to the very people it wants to bring in, outside of its own audience."

What else is new?

Festano2140d ago

Classic Nintendo! Oh well. They have so many fanboys it doesn't matter what they do, they'll still love them.

AzubuEntus2140d ago

Nintendo can literally gather fifty pounds of cow turd, slap a Nintendo seal on it, ship it, and their fanboys will still buy it.

DanteVFenris6662140d ago


These games will prove you wrong

- 'metroid other M
- new star fox
- 'metroid federation fource

And a few others. If Nintendo makes a bad game their fans tend to go even harder on them. Metroid m technically wasn't a bad game just a terrible metroid game

bouzebbal2140d ago


the same and the same and the same licenses.
they aren't appealing anymore. Metroid was fun as side scroller, and the FPS on NDS or Gamecube were fun. The team ninja game on wii was ok, nothing crazy that would prove everyone wrong about these dying franchises.
times have moved, if nintendo are counting on these games to do something then they will be out of this war pretty fast

-Foxtrot2139d ago


It mostly comes down to main line titles, although Star Fox was made out to be a mainline game I just didn't feel it was.

Main title Zelda, Mario, Smash Bros, Mario Kart and others usually get more of a free pass. We've seen this in Breath of the Wild, things which reviewers/fans overlook yet with nitpick another game for. Double standards.

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cleft52140d ago

It's easy to point at Nintendo and be upset with these actions. But you all do realize that Olympic athletes don't get money for winning gold medals right? They compete because they want to and it is their dream to push themselves that far and earn that spotlight. These athletes get money from sponsorship deals. There is nothing stopping this from being true of the e sports athletes as well. I think people are far to quick to assume they should get paid for every little thing. The bottom line is that if you want the spotlight and want to be considered the best then you will put in the time and effort, knowing full well that their is no paycheck coming from Nintendo for you. This puts the spotlight on serious players, not on people looking for a fast payday.

Apocalypze2140d ago

I suggest you do some more research , there ARE Olympic athletes who DO get money for winning a Gold Medal.

thehitman13982139d ago

And to think I actually thought there was no way to defend nintendo$ and then you come along.

Thank you my friend for restoring balance

rdgneoz32139d ago (Edited 2139d ago )

Countries give out money to Olympic gold athletes..
/\ US gold medal was $25k, while a gold medal for Singapore was $753k...

Also fun read,

Yohshida2140d ago

At least they have first party eSports games.

rocketpanda2140d ago

That's great if we were actually talking about that. Don't deflect what the question actually is!

Yohshida2140d ago

They made a esport game, it could just have been a random game but they decided to make it competitive.

Daavpuke2140d ago

I mean, Microsoft has that too, with its $1 mil Halo tournament. Gears was $300K.

_-EDMIX-_2140d ago

Yeah I don't really know what you're talking about but Microsoft makes a lot of competitive games too.

_-EDMIX-_2140d ago

@vid- Sony doesn't really have a lot of teams that produced that type of multiplayer content the closest thing I could think of is probably GranTurismo and even that game I would say has a very small Esports presence amongst its fanbase.

I would say a lot of Sony teams more so specialize in single player Concepts.

remixx1162140d ago

MS has halo and gears

Sony has gt sport.

What's your point??

And ninty not even making a grand pot for these tournaments yet they expect people to fly out to Paris to compete in finals.

Even capcoms broke ass pays out to its champions.

Yohshida2140d ago

Also add Forza Motorsport and Killer Instinct

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PixelGateUk2140d ago

'fan funding or donation streams'

No idea how this is a solution given the whole spine of post is about Nintendo not putting up money.

Daavpuke2140d ago

That, at the very least, on the lowest possible tier, Nintendo can drive that. "Hey guys, pay this crap for us, we'll get that money there, kthxbye." In a similar way to how EVO drives charity donations for a fan vote-in:

PixelGateUk2140d ago

That's charity, the article does not suggest charity lol

Tankbusta402140d ago

Nintendo is a joke. I wish people would stop buying their crap so they either changed or died

Apocalypze2140d ago

I hope other Japanese companies do look and learn from the stupidity Nintendo has been consistently demonstrated. Nintendo was QUALITY back in the day but NOW is a different tone.

spartan112g2140d ago

You say that, but Breath of the Wild is a 97-98 on metacritic.

Silly gameAr2140d ago

I'm kind of waiting for the next batch of games. Can't ride that Breath of the Wild hype forever.

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