A Doozy Of A Flash Sale Just Appeared On Playstation - Geek Reply

The weekend just started and so did another brief, fantastic Flash Sale on the Playstation Store. After already starting the massive “Only On Playstation” Sale last Tuesday, Playstation is following it up with a weekend special. The current flash sale includes deep, 70% off discounts an array of popular and older titles.

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I bought poncho on friday for $3, didn't realize it was out since 2015...

XanderZane2190d ago

It's a side-scrolling platform game. You can also jump into the background or foreground as well. Pretty interesting, but not the greatest sidee scrolling game out there. It's just average at best.

pressjudge2190d ago

Made my day thnx Starboy for posting

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The story is too old to be commented.