Koei responds on Bladestorm PS3 delay

Earlier this week news broke that Koei has announced that the PlayStation 3 games Bladestorm: The Hundred Years War and Fatal Inertia had been delayed. spoke to Koei UK about this delay, which regions are affected and the reasons behind it.

"At the moment the development cycles have been extended simply because of all the things the developers want to do with the new hardware," Koei's Mike Foley told Boomtown. "For Bladestorm it will come out in Japan first with a little delay for localisation before it hits Europe and the US."

"For Fatal inertia we are still working towards a global release," Mike continued. "So that's why for now we've just got it down for a summer release without any definite dates for each territory. So at the moment it's safe to say that the games are targeted for a summer release in general."

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nice_cuppa5225d ago

nice way to keep ps3 in the news i guess.
there both on 360 too you know.

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nice_cuppa5225d ago

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Brandon5224d ago

thousands of gamers are killing themselves after hearing this bad news, how can they live without this great game for other few months?

zonetrooper55224d ago

lol Brandon i hope you were being scarastic.