GamesRadar: LEGO Batman: The Videogame Review

GamesRadar writes: "Who is Batman to you? The violent lawman of the modern comics? The wink-wink star of the 60's TV show? Tim Burton's gothic icon, perhaps? The point is this: Travellers' Tales have never had a subject so open to LEGO interpretation, and with it, playful experimentation. And boy, do they love it. Did you feel that Indy was a tad shackled to his tombs and dusty continents? Gotham is open for business. The streets are torn from Burton – the looming LEGO gothic architecture is superb – while the animated series supplies villain-centric locations (ice-cream factory for Mr. Freeze, botanical gardens for Poison Ivy). All that's left is to populate it; Tales turning to those innocent early days for their colourful cast. Needless to say, Bane doesn't get to do much paralyzing."

You'll love

* Packed with Bat-goodness
* Jazzes up the LEGO approach
* Interesting puzzle design

You'll hate

* Dodgy platforming
* Comatose AI
* Doesn't revolutionize formula

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