Sony Is Randomly Sending Golden Ticket Voucher Worth $100 To Select PSN Users

Sony appears to be in quite a generous mode today as they are not only sending 20% discount code to users, but also a hefty $100 PSN credit voucher to a few lucky users.

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PhoenixUp577d ago

Screw you Sony for not throwing me any of these treats when I've been a member of PSN for 10 years

naruga577d ago (Edited 577d ago )

Sony why not in europe ??

MVGeneral576d ago

Yayy, I just checked my email and I got a voucher. I know you guys won't believe me, so I'll post the code here: 5511-7678-7889
I'm gonna redeem it on Sunday, because I don't have the time at the moment. Honour system guys, don't cash that in before I do.

ziggurcat576d ago

that isn't even a valid code. it's always a mixture of letters, and numbers.

XisThatKid576d ago

Plus there's an "N" always in the second set of digits

576d ago

Same here my friend, same here.

DarXyde576d ago

Same. Didn't get it, but if consumer loyalty were a factor, you can imagine the same people would hoard the rewards. There are millions of accounts on PSN and we don't know how many people win these things so, if the number is small, statistically, it's unsurprising that we don't win.

xMANB3ARP1G576d ago (Edited 576d ago )

yeah but long time active accounts should get some priority who gives a shit about the dude who joined a month ago he can earn his keep like everyone else treat the ones who stayed through the leak and 3 month outage more then the new users. and i mean with all these giveways not just this one. like i never got a pro update credit and bought my pro the day it came out.

DarXyde576d ago

Well, we can't confirm someone with a few months' membership takes priority either. If it's random, I imagine some at both ends are getting it. Like I mentioned, I've been a member for a decade myself. I'm not upset because I don't expect to win these random drawings, nor do I retain my membership activities with the expectation of getting lucky.

But I think that's the best way to do this: luck.

GuruStarr78576d ago

9 years, here and nothing.

The_Sage576d ago

I was a member of PlayStation Underground, a member of the invitation only Gamers Advisory Panel, and have been with PSN from the very beginning, back when it was in its infancy on the PS2 and have never gotten anything. It's a little bothersome.

arkard576d ago (Edited 576d ago )

Just curious do you guys actually get the newsletter? If your not subscribed to it then how can you get the random rewards? For what it's worth every time these have been sent out I've gotten the discount, never got a golden ticket. And I am long time user, playstation underground, GAP, day one ps plus subscriber and so on.

The_Sage576d ago

Why are people disagreeing?

FITgamer576d ago

You do realize there are millions that have been around that long. If they gave everyone a voucher they'd be broke.

vickers500576d ago

I don't even get the damned newsletter itself, even though I'm signed up for it.

Lord_Sloth576d ago

So have I but it's a random thing, not like they're picking us out based upon the years we've been members.

KwietStorm576d ago

Are you the only person who's been a member for 10 years or..?

XanderZane576d ago

I didn't get anything either. I checked my e-mail back for the past 10 days and not one e-mail from Sony. Been a PSPlus member for 4 years now. Never gotten anything from them.

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Fist4achin576d ago

Hey it's like a Willy Wonka thing?!

BIGBOSS08576d ago

$100? Damn, that's generous.

ClayRules2012576d ago

Sure is. Enjoy, to all who receive this =)

BIGBOSS08576d ago

Wish I was one of them but looks like I ain't.

ProGengu576d ago

Guessing this is an NA offer only?

little-witch576d ago

With money vouchers it's always NA only. Never seen it happen in EU...

TheTimeDoctor576d ago

Hey, we bailed your butts out in WW2

BIGBOSS08576d ago


Lol "we". Where were you during WW2? You act like you was actually a part of it. Even your own dad's sperm probably didn't exist than.

cash_longfellow576d ago

@TheTimeDoctor...I'm pretty sure that was the nuclear bomb..

Tankbusta40576d ago (Edited 576d ago )

Someone needs to revisit their history books, victory in Europe was achieved before the atomic bomb was dropped on Japan.

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