GamesRadar: Wario Land: Shake It! Review

GamesRadar writes: "Wario isn't a complicated man, and making a decent Wario game isn't really a complicated business. In fact, we'd boil it down to one very simple rule: capture his bulbous incompetence without succumbing to it. Give us clumsy, piggy-eyed foibles, but do it with class and intelligence. Obscuro developers Good Feel (they've got just three DS English-training games under their rather saggy belts) have certainly bagged some sturdy foundations for their stab at ol' fatso."

You'll love

* Smooth cartoon movement
* Wario's snarls raise a smile
* Gesturing is beautifully realised

You'll hate

* Music is '80s sitcom fodder
* A little too easy
* Occasionally dull

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