The History of The Resident Evil Series

That Gaming Site chronicles the history of the Resident Evil games, starting with the first released so many years ago up until the upcoming Resident Evil.

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TrevorPhillips4069d ago

resident evil has been one of my favorite games of all time and it has definetly evolved alot capcom are reliable with there games

Elven64069d ago

I only played the ones on the Dreamcast, they were pretty good.

Bloodshedder4069d ago

wheres dead aim, outbreak,survivor???

Heldrasil4069d ago

They aren't considered to be part of the "main" story line so they probably left them out for that reason.

Panthers4068d ago

Ya plus they were pretty terrible. I never played the First Person games but Outbreak was bad online.

Mahr4069d ago

Not a particularly in-depth history in my opinion. It doesn't even mention the voice-acting which has become a legend in its utter ridiculousness or the marvelously convoluted plot. These things are in part the very heart and soul of the franchise.

okcomputer4069d ago

I hope this isn't chris' blood.....

TheROsingleB4068d ago

You almost became a Jill Sandwich

X4068d ago

Hallway. Jill and Barry after getting the flame rounds.

Jill: What about you barry?

Barry: Don't worry Jill, (holds up magnum) I like the buddy system we got here.

Jill:......I....see.......... ?????????

okcomputer4069d ago

Well, props to the site for giving code veronica its due. It was one of the best dreamcast games ever made, and probably the third best in the series after 4 and 2.

Silogon4069d ago

What is it?

Blood!! Hope it's not chri's blood. Jill, see if you can find any other clues; I'll be examining this.
Resident Evil was the only Resident Evil worth a damn. After that they got off track and started being something more than they were. A simple idea and setting is what made the 1st one so great... They just started adding more elements to it and trying to get all tricky with the stories and they got out of touch.

I hated 2, kind of liked 3, thought CV was crap. Survivor was crap. Zero was crap. Remake was crap. RE4 was crap. the Online ones were crap. I hate Resident Evil now that I think about it.

Panthers4068d ago

Seriously? 2 and 3 were awesome! 2 had a crazy inter winding story between Clair and Leon and 3 was by far the scariest with Nemesis running around.

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