Andromeda Is the Dragon Age II of the Mass Effect Series

Twinfinite Writes: Andromeda is the newest entry in the Mass Effect series, but it shares a few things with another of Bioware's big sequels.

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alexgibson571d ago

It actually struck me as quite close to DAI, too, which I'm ok with...

cleft5570d ago

I disagree that ME:A is the DA2 of the series. For one thing DA2 was rushed, it didnt have 5 years of development like ME:A. Second, while the areas you could go to was limited the characters where all good. Then you have the fact that the animations for the characters in DA2 where actually better than the characters in ME:A. Oh and the characters looked good, if nothing else. Oh and the dialogue for when you lost a significant other was actually well done. Oh and the writing was better overall for the game. I could go on and on, but well why even bother.

ME:A may not be the worse game ever, in fact the combat is excellent. But as far as a Mass Effect game goes it was a big let down. ME:A was suppose to be the step up from the mistakes made in Mass Effect 3. Instead you have this average game, with average writing, and average/lifeless characters. No matter how you split it, that's not okay for a Mass Effect game.

People should be talking about this Mass Effect game with the same reverence that we are discussing the new Zelda. Instead you have a bunch of folks going around saying, hey its not that bad. Oh and if you complain to loud about the game you get these idiots that say you are just complaining because you don't like the fact that their is gay and lesbian content in the game. Which by the way, that content isn't all that well done either. No, the state of this Mass Effect game is unacceptable. People need to stop pretending like it is great because if you don't EA will give us yet another shitty Mass Effect game from Bioware C team.

NiteX570d ago (Edited 570d ago )

You're talking out of your ass. Play DA2 again, you will change your tune.


Sorry to lay that nightmare of a bomb on you... but it had to be done. We all need to remember that was actually a thing on DA2.

Reefskye569d ago (Edited 569d ago )

DA:I was was boring as fuck the, I have no idea why so many people praise the game as the characters design was god awful, the story was boring and uninteresting and the world filled with fetch quests, Mass Effect is closer to DA:I.

ME:A didn't need to be open world and neither did DA:I out of them both ME:A is the better game, more of the side quests actually have story DA:I was full of crap side quests.

joab777570d ago (Edited 570d ago )

Yeah, it's NOTHING like DA2, which was 5 areas recycled with horiible combat.

Maybe it's a bit more like Inquisition except I liked DAI except for the combat, which was streamlined and way too easy. Thing is Andromeda has amazing combat, and if ya play in very hard or insane, it will shine!

To be honest I am really liking Andromeda and every critique I heard from rushed reviews pointed out aspects that I don't agree with.

TricksterArrow570d ago

No. Not even close.

DA:I, maybe.

Summons75570d ago

Still the same insult. DAI was marginally better than DA2 but it was still a terrible.

Kreisen570d ago

So name a few games that are similar rpg experiences like Inquisition but better. And dont even start with bullshit like Zelda or Horizon becouse they have nothing in common.
The simple reality is Bioware and CD Projekt RED are the only big devs out there making good story driven rpgs. Everything else is either action driven or shallow pew pew co-op shooters.

Summons75570d ago

@Kreisen, Origins...Origins was FAR better than DAI could ever dream to be. Bioware was a great company but then EA bought them out. Bioware doesn't even make RPGs anymore, if you think DAI was an RPG I suggest you look back at literally any other RPG in history.

Unspoken570d ago (Edited 570d ago )

Terrible? Far from. The story including dlc was epic, character growth and relationship development including multiple side quests tailored for your companions was entertaining to see unfold and interact with. Dialog and script had so many great moments.

What sounds more of the same is undesereved harsh criticism for a high profile game.

extermin8or570d ago

Sorry but Dragon Age inquisition has far superior gameplay in terms of having the larger more sprawling locations, the more diverse quest system etc granted I prefered origins core storyline however inquisition has a solid storyline. Andromeda has clearly taken the bits that worked well for inquisition and adapted them and I have to say whilst I wasn't too sure for fist 3 hours or so past that it became clear there was a great game in there that was similar in key ways to previous mass effect titles however still different enough to be it's own thing. i actually hope bioware ignore the critics and continue as they were with the next dragon age and mass effect the stuff that needs improvement is the animations primarily. As for the story, so far it's been pretty decent is it quite as good as say MAss effect 3 (bar the ending) nope but that had two previous titles to set it up it's hardly a fair comparison.

Armaggedon570d ago

Dragon Age Origins was better than Inquisition? Really? Think about that for a minute.

bluefox755570d ago

It was much better than Inquisition. I've finished Origins like 3 times, couldn't make it once through Inquisition before I was bored.

Armaggedon570d ago

Not sure how that happened. Inquisition had so many secrets to be discovered in terms of the games lore.

Allsystemgamer570d ago (Edited 570d ago )

Origins was WAY better than inquisition

Armaggedon570d ago

Dont know about that. I played all of them many times, and I have to give it to Inquisition.

brich233569d ago

inquisition is the most boring game Bioware has ever made imo.

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Gatsu570d ago

Uhhh no it's not lol...

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