The new philosophy of gaming: Nintendo Wii?

I am really excited about the new Nintendo Wii. And the big question to ask is why? The answer is that Nintendo has done just that, asked a big why, which "why" I will tell you later. You have to remember it's often harder to ask the right question than it is to give an answer. The answer why I am so excited is that I am not a hardcore gamer. I don't really care about the next generation of gaming machines - inconsistent?

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OutLaw5951d ago

That whole reading was boring.

GrimFang45951d ago

I guess the person who accepts or denies news articles missed the fact that the guy who wrote this article was the one who submitted it... That's not right, by the way. News is NEWS. News is objective. News is not about just getting everyone to listen to YOU.

Anyhow, I wish there had been a spelling and grammar check done prior to posting to that site. Nothing new here, but not useless, I suppose.