Crackdown Demo Set To Come Out Jan. 23!

*Breaking News* Agent G on the official Crackdown forums has notified the world that the Crackdown demo will be released on Tuesday, January 23 at 2 a.m. PST. It would have been nice to be able to download the demo yesterday to get to play it all weekend, but this is just a minor hiccup in getting the demo in our hands.

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bactim5426d ago

Is this going to have the Halo 3 demo attached to it?

BB5425d ago

I'm going to assume that was an actual question and not you being sarcastic. First off, this is the demo of Crackdown, not the retail version. The retail version of Crackdown will include a "BETA" invite for Halo 3, not a demo of Halo 3.

bactim5425d ago

Nope sorry to say that was pure sarcasim. I'm afraid to believe that crackdown really won't be that all that great. The video's remind me of Just Cause. I really dislike the way the superhero vehicals just roll right trough traffic and the other cars kind fly out of the way like they don't really exist. I hope I'm wrong and they're not selling crackdown with Halo 3 demos.

DixieNormS5425d ago (Edited 5425d ago )

Who ever voted lame is a lame @$$. The only time a demo is a lame story demo is when the demo is supposed to be a full pledged game. ALA Gran Turismo. LMAO.

InMyOpinion5425d ago

I was gonna see who it was and accidentally voted lame...This game will rule the seven seas, or something.

dantesparda5425d ago

Oops voted lame by mistake, i was trying to see who voted lame and ended pressing it, lol! But i do vote "lame" on all of you's, ha ha

Nightmaster5424d ago

Hey, i am a big gamer, lmao. Duh. As you know. I pre-ordered this game because i read plenty of articles about this in IGN and i also viewed some videos of gameplay and i was very interested in the game. So i pre-ordered Crackdown, I am glad it also comes with the Halo 3 beta. But while i was at GameStop, one of the employees have said to me that "soon" all companys that allow pre-ordering for Halo 3 is going to stop. So hurry head to one of your gamestores and pre-order just in case. I have it pre-ordered so i have nothing to worrie about. WOOOO! Its a Halo Nation. Hopefully i see what i pre-ordered on the 23rd.

Havince5423d ago

Woooooohoooooo, i have mixed reactions about this game, so playing the demo will help. I think the online co-op will be good tho. and of course the halo invite. ahhhhh ill prob get it anyway