X-Play Crysis Warhead Review

It's time to go back to the island in Crysis Warhead from Electronic Arts for the PC.

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Mclovin964073d ago

crysis warhead is UNREAL. if it had a c0ck i would actually consider sucking it.

sonarus4073d ago

From that video the game looks like crap. Xplay should have run it on a better pc

Bolts4073d ago

Agreed. Did they play this game on a 360 or something, 'cause the vids looks average, and Warhead is sure as hell not average.

Mclovin964073d ago

too bad for you the game is the best looking game ever created. killzone 2 looks like garbage compared to crysis.

KiddyBrownTurd4073d ago

why does Far Cry 2 seem more appealing as a game?

this bores me.