Epic, You're Screwing Canadians with Paragon

Before you purchase coins, do some math. It may be costing you more than you think

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ERFO2445d ago

Spelling is important too kids.

Sciurus_vulgaris2445d ago

I hate that Epic has seemingly quit making AAA games.


Rockstar Announcing GTA 6's Trailer Becomes Most-Liked Gaming Tweet Of All Time

The GTA 6 trailer date announcement has sent shockwaves across the industry, even making other companies follow its format.

RaidenBlack29m ago

"And The GTA 6 Leak Becomes Most-Liked Gaming Social Post Of All Time"

poppatron26m ago

Oh man… I’m absolutely jazzed for this

BrainSyphoned3m ago

Xbox tax. It obviously is Starfield that holds that honor and GTA6 only got close because of Game Pass rumors.


Crytek Gives Brief Update on New Crysis Game; Studio Has a "Great Team" Working on It

Crytek gives an update on their new Crysis game, confirming that it's still in development, with more to share down the road.

DefenderOfDoom213h ago

Actually would love a new Crysis campaign.

P_Bomb12h ago

Ditto. Ran through them again last year. I’ll grab the new one.

Crazyglues3h ago(Edited 3h ago)

Yeah they really messed up by not adding the Multi-player to the Crysis Triogly because while the campaign was fun I really loved the Multi-player and couldn't wait to see what it was going to be like on current gen.

They could have dropped new maps and DLC and fans would have bought it up... -But they dropped the ball and did just the Campaign's with no new content or story, which was just crazy.

Anyway still hoping Crysis 4 is the whole Chicken Sandwhich with all the toppings.... Can't wait.


STALKER 2 Dev: It's Hard to Say How Long Polishing Will Take; Confirms XSX 60 FPS & PC Minimum GPU

STALKER 2 developer GSC Game World resurfaced with new details shared in an interview.

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Rimeskeem12h ago

omg finally, a dev that doesn't require you to have a $300 gpu to play their game.

JohnMarble4h ago

Shouldn't that be expected? Although after Starfield and Redfall I imagine the standards have been lowered.

Obscure_Observer0m ago

"Shouldn't that be expected? Although after Starfield and Redfall I imagine the standards have been lowered."

What´s to be expect here are the comments from likes of you. Not the clever ones.

You see, it´s easy for someone like me to tell that your comment is based on nothing but complete ignorance.

Any gamer with minimal knowledge on current gen games and hardware knows by now what to expect from games powered by UE5 and how heavy those are on GPU. Specially those games featuring both Nanite and lumen like S.T.A.L.K.E.R 2.

And you were here claiming to be a PC gamer... well, I don´t think you are. Not really.

So forgive me since I can´t take you seriously and entertain this argument any further.

Happy gaming.

Number1TailzFan59m ago

Probably in performance mode and upscaling from 720p like the other UE5 games with an unstable frame rate during intense scenes.