IGN: WipEout HD Review

WipEout HD is a fantastic experience through and through. Though it's a downloadable title and runs one-third the cost of a full retail disc, it could have been packaged on a Blu-ray disc and sold in stores for full price and IGN would've been happy to pay for it. The game is immensely polished from start to finish, the controls feel fantastic, and really, it's the best WipEout game they have played in a long, long time. Do not miss this one.

Presentation - 9.0
Graphics - 9.0
Sound - 9.0
Gameplay - 9.0
Lasting Appeal - 8.5
Overall -

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chaosatom4071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )

"I simply can’t find a reason for any PS3 owner not to purchase this title and dare I say that WipEout HD sets a very good precedent for non-believers to hop on board the Sony train."

Awesome PSN titles keep rolling in :)

First Stardust, Monsters, Eden, Bionic Commando, Warhawk, and many more. They top in variety and quality.

btw, does it have split-screen by any chance?

Jake the Muss4071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )

Yes it does (2-player), although I believe it is off-line split-screen for the moment:

Not sure if split-screen is online-capable, although its possible it could be patched later if it isn't.

Video of split-screen in motion:

chaosatom4071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )

thanks a bunch. bubble.

RareNimbus4071d ago

keep it coming.....can't wait for release date.

gaffyh4071d ago

Was waiting for this review, IGN are usually very harsh in their reviews, so 9/10 is very very good.

PSN definitely seems to be Quality over Quantity, as SSHD was a must buy for me, and this is also.

MorganX4070d ago

Finally and anticipated game that lives up to the hype from start to finish; Are you listening Fable II?

This title being only $19.99 immediately puts PSN back in the game against Xbox Live! Though I think XBLA has a larger volume of good games (and I'm big on retro remakes), none rise to the level of quality or value of WipEout HD. And none will have me waiting for DLC like I'll be waiting for new Tracks, Ships, and hopefully Music Tracks for WipEout. This is why I made the decision to buy a PS3 and I have not been let down.

Sony, you did me right!

Dannagar4070d ago

This game is one of the soul reasons I bought my PS3. I've loved WipeOut ever since I played the Pack-in Demo for PS1.

na2ru14070d ago

Would the pack in demo happen to be Wipeout 2097 including Crash bandicoot, Tekken2 and that T-rex tech demo?

Dannagar4070d ago

Wipeout 2097 is what they called it in Europe, right? I remember having the T-rex tech demo, it came with the system. That sounds about right. I played the WipeOut demo everyday until the final game came out.

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Silogon4071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )

Wow, Wipeout HD got better scores than 95% of all ps3's disc based games.Ps3 is awesome and spanks the donkey!

chaosatom4071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )

haha. Silogan changed his statement.

Ps3 is awesome. LBP FTW!!!!!!!!!!

fleet4071d ago

glad you think so silogon!

Silogon4071d ago

I don't understand all the disagrees here... So, PS3 isn't awesome? Wipeouthd isn't awesome? Help me understand why you all are disagreeing with what I'm saying, unless it's just because you don't like me. Then I see how you all are. Fickle at best.

fleet4071d ago

i don't understand it either, silogon. people are weird, huh?

4071d ago
Bathyj4071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )

WE'RE FICKLE? I just looked the word up and it had your avatar there.

Either you are Bi-Polar.

A freak who just likes getting a rise out of people by towing one line and then jumping to another constantly, (my best guess.)

Or you're actually a PS3 lover without a password lock on his computer and your obnoxious little Xbox loving/PS3 hating brother keeps sneaking in and posting under your name.

juuken4071d ago

You're a bit...out there Silogon.
People don't know whether to agree or to just ignore you these days. :/

gaffyh4071d ago

I dunno why, but I think he thinks he will get his bubbles back if he says something pro-PS3, when most of the time he is a complete 360 fanboy. lol.

robbo9184070d ago

Its because people can't tell whether you have taken your medicine or not each time you post. You could easily fit into the category of either extremely bi-polar or have multiple personality disorder. Not trying to be mean but wow your posts go from one end to the other more than pretty much anyone else on here.

MorganX4070d ago

Though, I'm not sure being "disc"-based equates to quality anymore. I can guarantee you after WipEout HD it won't. WHD may end up being this gens showcase title as far as sound, graphics, and speed goes.

na2ru14070d ago

People just dont like people with mood swings in general i guess.

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lnfinite4071d ago

hahaha,Xbots Lose As Usual

'_'4071d ago

{of course they lose they were born losers}

AngryBot4071d ago


Flopbox 3rd60 LOSES another one of its (MASSIVELY OVERHYPED but in reality nothing but a 7.5 out of 10 AT BEST) “exclusive” games!


And so it continues folks!
Wipe Out HD IGN review – 9 (Without any doubt Triple A)
Resistance 2 MILES ahead of GeOw 1.5
WKC best JRPG since slicebread
3 more Level 5 games confirmed for PS brand.
Level 5 confirmed to be new Squaresoft.
3rd60 loses another one of its exclusives – Left4Dead!


lnfinite4071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )

Alright Bots,Line Up over there and we will Begin the Jump Out process

lnfinite4071d ago

Which Xbot wants to Jump Out First?Don't Worry,the Jump Out Process is Hardly Dangerous,all it will do is Rid your Body and Soul of all the Flops you Possess