Mass Effect: Andromeda Players Are Creating Nightmare Characters

The Mass Effect series has traditionally allowed you to customize your main character. Some players take this as an opportunity to create inhuman abominations. Mass Effect: Andromeda has been no different.

SaveFerris2672d ago

Ryder looks a bit like a monkey with lipstick in that picture.

SolidStoner2672d ago

everyone looks like human with lipstick... trying to be silly aliens wanabies... reminds me of really bad GTA character creator..

Kreisen2672d ago (Edited 2672d ago )

The character creation in this game is the worst in the whole series. All these outlets keep messing with make-up becouse that and the hairstyle are the only things you can actually change. All the other sliders do fuck all.

bunt-custardly2672d ago

Agreed, it's the most limited and shameful really.

2672d ago
bunt-custardly2672d ago

Cupofjoe. No one mentioned anything about "worse game ever" except you.

PlayableGamez-2672d ago

Mass Effect Andromeda probably has one the worst character creators I have ever used.

Sam Fisher2672d ago

I guess the cosplayer that lead the animations couldnt resist lmao 😂

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shinoff2183561d ago

Sega Saturn made it but not the 360. Don't remember Saturn having a horrid rrod rate. Absolutely horrid

RetroCaptainSteve560d ago

The launch games were all right, but look at how Virtua Fighter and Daytona USA compared to their re-releases.


Mass Effect Companions, Ranked from Worst to Best

From Xfire: "BioWare's Mass Effect franchise took gamers on a fascinating universal sci-fi journey that will never be forgotten. While fighting against the ever-looming threat of the Reapers was central to Mass Effect's storyline, what made the series so iconic was its vast and diverse cast of characters.

Not only do these companions accompany Commander Shepard as you make your way through hell and back, but, throughout your journey, you also get to learn who these characters were and are and what they think about what it is that you are doing. Some will even fall in love with you, and others will even become your enemy based on your decision."

sourOG1160d ago

When I looked at the list I thought they were saying Garrus was the worst lol. And tali being so far down the list was fighting words for me. But the numbered list is just the order they are shown so you are forgiven.

CYALTR1159d ago

I think they listed them from worst to best. Also keep in mind that this includes Andromeda characters that aren't part of the remastered trilogy. Interesting refresh on the characters though.

sourOG1159d ago

They did but I didn’t realize it until I started reading. That’s just the order they are shown.

Knightofelemia1160d ago (Edited 1160d ago )

I couldn't stand Miranda I could never like her as a character and I always skipped Jacob and James. I always liked Grunt, Jack, Legion, Tali, Garrus, Samara, Liara, Wrex, Edi, Zaeed, Kasumi I always use these characters. Using Martin Sheen as the Illusive Man just fits the character like using Keith David as Admiral Anderson was another good choice always feels like Goliath from Gargoyles is yelling at you which I like.

Rebel_Scum1159d ago

Kinda weird having a question mark at the end of that sentence?

Soy1159d ago

Garrus is best space bro.