Eurogamer LittleBigPlanet Beta key offer is over!

PSBeyond writes: After a few hours of frantic refreshing and clicking, Eurogamer's LittleBigPlanet Beta key offer has been reduced to zero. Initially, 5800 keys were being given away, and due to the influx of people onto the site, it became increasingly hard to grab your hands on one of them. Luckily, we've managed to get one, and stay tuned for our Hands-On coming soon...

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HighDefinition4073d ago

If Eurogamer was a person, it wouldn`t be able to sitdown for weeks!

El_Colombiano4073d ago

LMFAO GREAT analogy...anyway, if somebody wanted the key, they would have already known this...aka me...:'(

LinuxGuru4073d ago


Neo Nugget4073d ago

I find out when all the keys are gone.

Amnesiac4073d ago

When are the US keys going to be released?!?!??!?!

IzKyD13314073d ago

I don't think it's "when" so much as "if"
The US does have a beta through pre ordering, but I doubt any free keys will be given away.....Media Molecule IS a European developer after all

dj_funky4073d ago (Edited 4073d ago )

the hardest beta codes i had ever worked for lol.. my damn finger is still sore from refreshing and clicking.

Ziggazee4073d ago

I have two extra code, il give one to anyone who beats me in fight night round 3!!! And il trade the other one for Super stardust hd or pain or other psn games.. My psn: shiekh ps you wil only get one chance to beat me, no remaches! No noobs, if u suck at the game dont bother playing me..i am da king of fight night.

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The story is too old to be commented.