Eurogamer: Resistance 2 Preview

There are plenty of clichés being bandied about at this latest press event for Resistance 2. Insomniac boss Ted Price claims it's "the biggest and the best game we've ever made", following up with the classic "it's ultimately up to the players to decide". There's been a lot of talk about how extra-specially powerful the PS3 is, and the chap in charge of the eight-player co-op mode has used the word "revolutionary" at least twice. And on top of all that, Price proclaims Resistance 2 is "offering more than any shooter in 2008, and at the same time being the best".

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Blademask4076d ago

It's not just the maximum number of players that has been upped - Biegel reckons you can expect to see up to a hundred enemies on-screen at a time. "I think we're pretty much the only guys out there who can push that many on-screen, in-frame, but yeah. It's not like every single encounter has that, or it would get boring and there would be no pacing, but we definitely get encounters where we're approaching a hundred enemies."

R2 is a beast folks.

Overr8ed4076d ago

it seems that Eurogamer isnt really impressed with the game as much as other people in the press. R2 is a def GOTY contender

DarK-SilV4076d ago

Will, what you expect from this web,
They trying so hard to be not impressed, everybody knows them
IGN and GamePro loved the game, so guys expect a new GOTY