Exclusive Q&A: Hideo Kojima talks Metal Gear Solid 4

GamePro editors Vicious Sid and Mr. Marbles recently had the pleasure of speaking with the most mysterious man in video games, Metal Gear Solid creator and director Hideo Kojima.

Kojima talked at length about his upcoming PlayStation 3 game Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, as well as his thoughts on the next-gen console war and the video game industry in general.

The following is a transcript based on our talks.

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power of Green 5230d ago

Why is it so dam green/yellow?. The AOTS on G4 showed the trailer and it was two diferent colours. I can't stand it, it turns me off.

BIadestarX5230d ago (Edited 5230d ago )

I'm not implying anything, but I find interesting how impossible is that this games comes to the 360 as Sony fanboys are saying:
"GP: Is 1080p a goal for Metal Gear Solid 4? Do you think 1080p is an important feature to have?
Kojima: In that sense, the answer is simple: we're not really insistent on sticking to HD. We're not the ones who are saying we want HD. We want something really pretty on a very small screen. But 360 and PS3 don't allow that because HD is kind of a must-have...

GP: Is MGS4 still planned as an exclusive PS3 game? Do you have any interest in Xbox 360 development?
Kojima: Well, yes, I do have strong interest in creating something for the Xbox 360. In the US and Europe, it is selling, and I think it will sell a lot this year as well. I'm a fan of Gears of War as well, it's very interesting.
Frankly speaking, I want to create something on the PC. It's a multi-platform [format]. I've been regularly studying work on the PC anyways, and I want to provide something as a world-wide platform because of the consequences with timing on the PlayStation platforms, MGS4 is actually for the PS3 only so far.

GP: If you ever made an Xbox 360, would you find it difficult to work with because it uses a standard DVD?
Kojima: It's not necessarily challenging or difficult, it's just a matter of how we do it. It might be a couple of discs, or possibly a new form of dual-layer.

JIN KAZAMA5230d ago

maybe MGS5 will be for both platform, maybe MGS4 will be a timed exclusive, maybe MGS4 is just an exclusive. Who knows, if 360 gets it, its no skin off my back, it ownt lessen my experience with it.

X_GAMER_X5230d ago (Edited 5230d ago )

1- games cost money.
2- the devolopers wants money.
3-XBOX 360 is selling well.And it will sell more.Do you know what that means to him??(MONEY)
4-He is very intersted on 360
5-Storage is not a problem.
6-MGS is only for ps3 so FAR.
The man has spoken..Its just a matter of time.And the is not the first time he said so FAR.This is the sec time.Kojiima..If the game was just exclusive then way,way way he said SO FAR..He could just say its only for PS3 and that is.This is the sec time..


JIN KAZAMA5230d ago

The point is, its an exlcusive to the PS3. Quit speculating on things. Ure acting like he said its on the 360. So far its an exclusive, bottom line.

shotty5229d ago (Edited 5229d ago )

Its sound to me like they have Xbox 360 dev kits in house and that it will be a time exclusive with the ps3 obviously getting it first. It appears to me that he isn't all that interested in the ps3, saying how ken would get angry.

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zonetrooper55230d ago

That interview was pretty cool and this game with motorstorm might make me buy a PS3.

JIN KAZAMA5230d ago

buy it and enjoy it. I need some competition when I get motorstorm, cuz aint no one beating me in that.

SimmoUK5230d ago

Yeah but the guy even admits that you need space for proper HD graphics, just because he doesn't want 1080p is not the point. He says that his game would have to be multi-disc on 360. He doesn't say anything bad about PS3 hardware just that it's difficult to develop on. Hard but powerful and with plenty of space and MGS4...

Juevani5230d ago

the guy need 50 gb or more, if its coming to 360 it will be a game with 6 or more dvds?? I dont see it happening. plus the graphic on this game will be something for its own (not shinny or plasticich the way it is now, this on will look so real no other games graphics will even be near) 360 wont handle it a year from now.

nice_cuppa5230d ago

smoke that sony pole.
swollow hard.
NOW sony trademark

DJ5230d ago

"Hey! The camera's in front of the dragon! Those screens of LAIR must be fake if it's not behind the dragon!"

I still get a kick out of that, Cuppa. =P

UrbanJabroni5230d ago (Edited 5230d ago )

Seriously, dude, when you start losing bubbles, and especially when you only have one left, maybe it is time to see if maybe you could change your behavior just a bit. There are plenty of hardcore fans for the 360 and PS3 that have all their bubbles...maybe just tone the rhetoric down a smidge.

richie007bond5229d ago

Man you must be one of the most deluded sony fanboys there are,utter rubbish spews from your [email protected]@hole(quote)not shinny or plasticich the way it is now, this on will look so real no other games graphics will even be near) 360 wont handle it a year from now).LMAO
Ive not laughed so much in a long time,leave the jokes to me pal and take ur head out from sonys [email protected]@..

Harry5228d ago


Juevani. Can I buy this guy? he's so cute.

I imagine him to be some sort of talking gnome spouting off random stuff like '50GB are great' or '360 can't handle it'

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